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Doug Polk Poker
If you missed yesterdays video, I analyze quite an interesting hand on Poker Night In America. youtu.be/4O_NO-_G-gk
Comment from : Doug Polk Poker

Mr TippZ
Weak advice !
Comment from : Mr TippZ

Alex Laza
Are you drunk allot in your games? Jw I just seam drunk in games lol I'm impressed you can play while drinking I can't at all 😂
Comment from : Alex Laza

Thanks Doug. For busting me on the bubble
Comment from : TheJimatwen

Vaibhav Pandey
Hii Doug, I'm a poker player i play online tournaments online, and one problem i face almost 90 percent of the time, is i always struggle at the bubble time, weather it's top 10 or top 50 i always struggle at the bubble, altough my game changes by the dynamic changing environment of the game, but i don't understand what should i do? Please help
Comment from : Vaibhav Pandey

Latvian Youtuber
There are no incorrect plays there is just bad timing. Sometimes raising with 7-2off can work. I have never played basic strategy. I limp with aces and raise Q-2s.just cause my reading abilities are pretty good.
Comment from : Latvian Youtuber

Jeannie Hawkins
I pre judged you for looking like a "bro" and I was wrong. I think you're smart with the game, can make fun of yourself, and you're such a sweetie. Keep it up!
Comment from : Jeannie Hawkins

Rafael Resende
Im meeting you channel today ! Tanks for share with us yours knowled Doug ( and put legends in portuguese rs) Bye \o
Comment from : Rafael Resende

Patrick Leblanc
What is an ante?
Comment from : Patrick Leblanc

Martin McCloskey
I used to like watching your videos until this one. I don't understand why you must use God's name in vain. I mean seriousky.
Comment from : Martin McCloskey

Doug? At 9:31, you say you're here to win this GD tournament. Why is this a GD tournament and not a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tournament? Does the emphasis of GD give you more credibility with your conversation? It gives you less credibility with your choice of words. I hope one day you'll learn. Its not necessary.
Comment from : Gallations

Doctor Steve
"win as many chips as you can, so you can win the tournament." (08:22) THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING WRONG! :-)


Comment from : Doctor Steve

Harry Cardillo
Bet, call, fold, bluff. The only four you need.
Comment from : Harry Cardillo

Givi Donetsk
The way i go more deep in a online tournament its doing other shit while im playing, just playing correctly
Comment from : Givi Donetsk

Vinnie vm
cool T
Comment from : Vinnie vm

Lork Lorkman
What's up polk, doug guys here.
Comment from : Lork Lorkman

Bigga Winna Crapsa
Yes, Dougie, keep giving advice, and keep donating ten grand a year to whoever wins the Main Event. Thanks in advance.
Comment from : Bigga Winna Crapsa

Colin Lyon
The irony of a Daniel Negrano ad on a Polk vid , you owe me 1 c I let it play
Comment from : Colin Lyon

Poker Beast
You just can't smash any girl like I don't wanna busy yet I can't bust yet
Comment from : Poker Beast

I lost in the bubble. I hate Doug Polk.
Comment from : lozgod

Comment from : cryptoskygreen7

Will in New Haven
#4: "The way of the Samurai is found in death."
Comment from : Will in New Haven

OG Kennedy
Get in there fold every hand besides pocket aces, you will get free drinks
Comment from : OG Kennedy

Emanoel Solano
first time I see some poker player giving the most honest tips. i like it
Comment from : Emanoel Solano

Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler
Funny how the world has changed "You need to go after it because you lose an ante every-hand" NOT ANYMORE! Big ups to BB ANTE POKER GODS
Comment from : Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler

Zach Falbe
I think an important part of aggression is players noticing it and adapting their range, and you being able to exploit that. If they see you jam with KQ, they’ll start calling your jams with AT or A9, which gives your AQs or AKs much more value. Creating your range is almost as effective as having the hands themselves
Comment from : Zach Falbe

don't let me down
Doug Polk for President.!!
Comment from : don't let me down

Mikkel Chandler
Great stuff Doug just started playing two weeks ago learning my skills right now. Thanks
Comment from : Mikkel Chandler

Matti Kauppinen
I don't play my tournaments (internet grind) to cash, I play to win. Getting into the money to win my $11 buy in + enough money to buy a bag of candy is nice, but about 1/4 of the money is in the top3. I woulf rather win one for four figures than cash 30 for about $500.
If you are on the bubble then yeah survive and cash, but I would rather bust more to be the big dick stack and bully people and not min cash all the time

Edit: Just to point out, if you struggle to cash big in tournaments and you min cash a bunch, see if you always barely get in the money with a 10-25bb stack and then are forced to play all in or fold. Getting to the bubble with the biggest stack is the most profitable place in poker, you can steal the blinds and antes from basically any position with basically any two cards. If you have two small stacks on the blinds I will raise 100% of hands from CO and BU, ICM puts enough pressure on your opponents to push only something like KK+ AKs

Comment from : Matti Kauppinen

Joshua Conneely
9 high like a boss!
Comment from : Joshua Conneely

purple mans nelson
Such a lol video
Comment from : purple mans nelson

Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler
Doug I just called off my stack trying to win a satellite seat there were 6 left 5 got seats and I was 2nd in chips in BB with 2-2 the SB had 1st in chips and he jammed and I snap called. he had AK and I lost even though I was a favorite. Afterwords someone was telling me I should have waited a hand because the player to my left had only 2BBs and was in the BB next hand. But my thinking was doug says go for it.
Comment from : Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler

Sean Hoade
Damn, son, great advice. Thanks!
Comment from : Sean Hoade

Should an open size be bigger when there are antes in play? Lets say a normal open size is 2.2x bb when there are just the blinds, does it make sense to go near 3x when there are antes? Thanks if someone could clear this up a bit for me
Comment from : TrollJokuMaster

1commoner 7b
do ppl know you are one of the greatest poker geniuses of all time? thats why u r misunderstood a lot.
Comment from : 1commoner 7b

Dank Zappa
This is exactly the advice you'd expect from a cash player on how to win tournaments
Comment from : Dank Zappa

David Hansen
There's 10 in a tourney tho Doug.
Comment from : David Hansen

Jons LG
Do you wear big ass sunglasses all the time? =D
Comment from : Jons LG

I'm buying in for half my roll cause I got this, RIGHT!!!
Comment from : THIS IS #MAGA COUNTRY

Brad Heard
reason always get 20th anwser someone has put a curse on you.
Comment from : Brad Heard

Fernando Tamblay
I just bubbled thanks to this video. I raised from the CO with KdQd 2.2 BB, button re raises to 7 BB. I call flop KhJdTs. I check, button bets 7 BB, I raise to 20 BB. He goes all in and I call. He has AA.
Comment from : Fernando Tamblay

Dr Deuteron
As a rocket scientist, I regularly tell the nerds, "common guys, this isn't no-limit hold 'em".
Comment from : Dr Deuteron

push or fold in cash games, small ball for sit n go
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Zach Altman
Doug you’re awesome
Comment from : Zach Altman

Hey Doug Wanted to ask you what is probably a stupid question, but when I am playing online in a fairly big (500+ players) tournament I find myself typically finishing in around the 2nd or 3rd table about 80% of the time m busting out about 15% of the time and making top 5 of the final table the rest of the time. Next weekend I am going to go play my first live tournament a very small one with only a $50 entry fee and less than 10 tables. How different is this live play going to be compared to the online play? Do you have any tips? Thanks
Comment from : SirMasterJoe

Lowrider Smith
Nice to get a conformation from a man like You.! 💎
Comment from : Lowrider Smith

Crimson Vulpes
Bonus tip: Learn to choose your battles.
Comment from : Crimson Vulpes

this guy is the realist poker advisor out there. doug your pre flop chart has been an improvement for me.
Comment from : 2phalanges

Tommy John
How about not getting 2 and 3 fucking outed on the river oh about 95% of the time? Would that fucking work? Still waiting for that fucking variance to work in my favor. Skill my fucking dick. 5% skill, 95% luck this is outrageous. Every fucking tourney??????? Daniel N. says his number 5 reason you lose at poker is bad luck. How bout number one? Bullshit.
Comment from : Tommy John

Im always getting to the final 5 , the less people that are on the table the wider the range and the more difficult it gets for me .
Comment from : fuckqcc

You didn’t answer my question Doug. How do I win the WSOP every year until I’m forty. That’s my goal
Comment from : 13pbarr

Wes K
Another thing I want to add: Don't make hitting your flush or full house your priority. If you happen to flop any of those hands then that's good. That would help a lot but getting to the final table is the #1 priority over chasing flushes and full houses (especially out of position).

Also fish out for information too by observing your opponents to spot tells.

Comment from : Wes K

Small stakes tourneys are brutal. I went all-in with AA and got called by 52 off-suit and they hit a straight. I get it these things happen but my word you'd think they were playing roulette.
Comment from : Alidwee

Denchik ShowEm

Like a boss. 😎👌

Comment from : Denchik ShowEm

TheLandOfTears s
Here is the bottom line to ANY TOURNAMENT... the bottom line is, you gotta win flips, that's it. Everything else is secondary.
Comment from : TheLandOfTears s

b richardson
"Good players get 2 cards -just like you." Well said.
Comment from : b richardson

Alex Kim
Fucking donkeys always target good players with shit hands. It's like a law.
Comment from : Alex Kim

Steve Mourad
Thank you for your videos Doug! You´re offering very much help to me ! :)
Comment from : Steve Mourad

Two WSOP events. Cashed one and in the last, I was in a 80 person circuit main event sat. Got down to the last few spots on the bubble. I went on a crazy run of cards. Kept getting AK after AK. Saw a few flops but folded like a beeatch. haha. The other table was all short stacked compared to us. They had all stopped playing and were stalling watching us. WTF? Floor eventually went hand to hand, and i made it thru. In the Main, outlasted 800 others to within the last 250. Funny, there were many chip and a chair and short stack heroics. Wish I had a few hands back, but it was a blast. Learned alot and hope to play a few more down the road with better results. There were $1m career earners that busted quickly. One had taken $377K in the Main Event about a month before and was in my Sat table.
Comment from : YardSalePicasso

elvis manhattan
last 4$ put into satelite for bounty builder 55$ , 5000players,
last 30 left i watch this video finish 2nd !
A5suited was normaly fold for me after someone x3.5 but now i jamed x29 and won hand preflop! TY DOUG DOUGGY!!!! from 4$ to 3.9k$ !!!!

Comment from : elvis manhattan

damian winkler
Pro Tip nr. 5
Make sure to time your toilet runs with the breaks. How many good hands get thrown into the muck because you have to go number 2 badly. Tournament killer number 1 is not bad play but diarrhea! Don´t be ashamed to rock adult diapers because all the pros do it on the internet and probably also on big live tournaments.
Check your bum before you check your hand !

Comment from : damian winkler

Mario Rascon
Doug: big blind ante seems to be here to stay. Does this then change the tourny strategy to play just a bit more like cash? in the sense that you're now not investing money in every pot. Do you defend your BB (which is now pretty much doubled) with an even wider range?
Comment from : Mario Rascon

Joe Ford
A great vlog of some of your insights.
Comment from : Joe Ford

James Sonke
I am NOT just another person with two cards.
Comment from : James Sonke

Jed mcC j
Seems to me the most important thing is to maximize your great hands.
Comment from : Jed mcC j

Afx Crush
why would you go allin with J7s ?
Comment from : Afx Crush

love that pic in the back where Phil is like "fuck you "

Comment from : BIG BOSS

Jari Koski
Hmm just wondering why you talk about "final table bubble"? Don't play much of mtt but I think there rarely is that big of a money jump on that situation? At least to me getting into ft has no value in itself.
Comment from : Jari Koski

Bigga Winna Crapsa
Oh Dougie, tell us about the head butt on the nose a little over a week ago. Tell us, tell us tell us.
Comment from : Bigga Winna Crapsa

Wyatt Bernstein
If I'm gonna be aggressive, I"m putting $300 on 33 at the roulette table then use my telekinetic powers to make an easy 10K. Yeah, most of the time I'll lose it, but the day I win it, I'll laugh at all these patient nerds trying to win $500 in a $150 buy in and wasting 6-8 hours of their life. I wanna make my money fast and then hit the pool at the Rio.
Comment from : Wyatt Bernstein

Robert Ferreira
3:43 I do like all positions ⊂(◉‿◉)つ
Comment from : Robert Ferreira

Omar Zia
This guy must have a trerrible teacher, he has not learned that you can not talk about ICM without first exlplaining what it is.
Comment from : Omar Zia

Non Copyright SFX
is it me or was the first point just an r/humblebrag
Comment from : Non Copyright SFX

Will in New Haven
I've always felt that people who use "my tournament life" haven't been shot at enough.
Comment from : Will in New Haven

I don't get it, why not call these polker hands?
Comment from : PokerMan

Thomas Chacon
For the love of God, can you please comb your hair. I don’t get that part of these videos. Why don’t you use a comb
Comment from : Thomas Chacon

Phuckthe Feds
Doug pokeher
Comment from : Phuckthe Feds

CJ Gainey
Doug Polk, I was half way through this tourney when I stumbled upon this video and I just want to say it really helped me go for it and, well look... I placed first in this tournament.

Comment from : CJ Gainey


How would this comment affect you if I had kings and you had jack queen suited?

Comment from : ReallyDirtyStank

Mike P
Wanted to dislike so poeple close this without watching (more for me). But at this like/dislike rate, not worth it. Great vids!
Comment from : Mike P

sküll düggery
go get em'.
Comment from : sküll düggery

casey t
Hey doug, Any advice for playing 10 cent all in every hand tournaments?
Comment from : casey t

Equal stacks on the bubble, I get AKo, jam it, T4o calls and hits full house on the flop.

"Wtf just happened"

Comment from : L M

Comment from : Batts

Christopher Kaye
Hey Doug, this was uber helpful thank you man. I'm about to play my first 11 dollar on Sunday, so gonna play it tight, hopefully get through the riff raft and then release the beast.
Comment from : Christopher Kaye

Andy Mac
doug ive not played in a while. im just getting used to it again.. been playin for the last four months just in three dollar spin and go and ten cent tournies... your videos have helped me alot. do u think im playing in the right games in terms of getting practice
Comment from : Andy Mac

Michael Discon
I find u sexy
Comment from : Michael Discon

Jordan Flynn
Hi Doug,

I just played in my first live tournament after playing online for a few years and took it down today :)

Granted it was only an $80 buy in and 50 players, but I made a cool grand for the bankroll and feel great - amazing feeling.

Keep up the great work and thanks for all the videos - you rock my man.

Comment from : Jordan Flynn

Donna Silva

Comment from : Donna Silva

Nick Robert
#DougPolk, you are awesome. Forget the haters. Keep doing you man. Good information
Comment from : Nick Robert

Hampus Jakobsson
I busted 11th in a satellite with 10 tickets because i shoved with J7s. Pay me my money please Doug I took all of your tips to heart.
Comment from : Hampus Jakobsson

Rikk da Grinder
I wish he lower his voice down. It's so annoying.
Comment from : Rikk da Grinder

Comment from : tazplay

Christopher Smith
Shut tfup Doug you never fkn stop yapping
Comment from : Christopher Smith

Oom olaf
on what site do you play poker? welke site is volgens jouw het eerlijks/best voor online poker?
Comment from : Oom olaf

Mark Emmerson
So I watched this video this morning and joined some low stakes tourney tonight with the deliberate notion of not thinking as much about ICM and won 50$ from like 10cents..... I gotta say winning first feels incredible after usually finishing 10th 20th or 30th or whatever. Your tip about going hard with antes and if it's your time to go really changed my game. You're my poker hero bud.
Comment from : Mark Emmerson

Lork Lorkman
get to the point in your videos...4 mistakes on an 11.5 minute video....thumbs down for you fuck butt
Comment from : Lork Lorkman

Jaxson Bateman
Good points, especially the last one (though you don't need us to tell you that :-P). At lower stakes levels, a lot of players really do sweat cash and final table bubbles, and as a result bluffs get even stronger than they already are. In a cash game or earlier in the tournament you might see these players call at least a flop bet to see if their equity improves on the turn, but as the bubbles approach, often they'll just fold down on the flop if they haven't hit it hard enough.

Poker is a lot like many other sports and games in the world - if you play conservatively for fear of not placing high enough, you decrease your chances of an overall win. In many forms of competition the best of the best have an all-or-nothing approach and it serves them quite well.

Comment from : Jaxson Bateman

elvis manhattan
1:44 made me LOL for real
Comment from : elvis manhattan

The Agenda
I could be wrong but I'm beginning to think M value is the most important thing to consider.
Comment from : The Agenda

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