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Tony G
Well versed!
Great enunciation!

Comment from : Tony G

Chevy 4x4
Thanks for showing the love to the dealers
Comment from : Chevy 4x4

em diar
Karma? Are you serious?
Comment from : em diar

Tee Hlfx
6:54 “Showboat cheesecake” 😆😊
Comment from : Tee Hlfx

"Sport"? haha C'monnnnnnn
Comment from : docd2415

Stacy Wind
#1 should be f*@king with your chips during play
Comment from : Stacy Wind

Vladimir Samsonov
The guy looks and sounds like he's doing his best to not judge and not cringe at the hypothetical dude that needs to hear these.
Comment from : Vladimir Samsonov

☕️🧐Well Said Sir
Comment from : Jamythicus

Chandler Thornton
the fuck is a showboat cheesecake my man
Comment from : Chandler Thornton

Montello 90
Played in a taxas holdem tournament yesterday and I hadn't played in a long time. I made one mistake, I string betted accidentally and a badass Harley dude tried to ridicule me to no end. I had mad one move with two stacks but was matching up the one stack with the big blind I already had out there and then with the other hand pushed further the other stack. I admit I was wrong knowing what I know now but the tourney director said for everyone to be cool, mistakes will happen, don't be a dick about it. This dude was a dick. It was 6 place payout with the winner getting $2000, it wasn't Las Vegas, chill out dude.
Comment from : Montello 90

Allen Albright
% 5 tip to the dearer? Are you a moron? I tip dealers plenty when I get good hands, but you are one of those idiots that over does it.
Comment from : Allen Albright

J Ribs
4:56 Not in the era of overbetting.
Comment from : J Ribs

Toby Walker
Please and thank s big homey☺
Comment from : Toby Walker

Jim C
You need to come to my little weekly tournament and give a spew..♠️♥️♣️♦️
Comment from : Jim C

Sergei Rachmanov
So I can't send a link! Check out the youtube link! I bet they will allow that...Ha,Ha! Tennessee Hold ‘Em App:


Comment from : Sergei Rachmanov

Sergei Rachmanov
I Love this video! Ha, Ha! We have no manners here! Heads Up all Poker Players... Totally Disruptive new game is coming... TENNESSEE HOLD EM: FREE Android Beta Testing : Tennessee Hold Em on Google PLAY:


Comment from : Sergei Rachmanov

Comment from : Eighty

nacho jimenez
String bets and splashing the pot are actually written rules.
Comment from : nacho jimenez

luis rivera
This guy put me to sleep
Comment from : luis rivera

Jed mcC j
7 things on your list can be used effectively to the players ADVANTAGE in some situations, so you list needs much further analysis
Comment from : Jed mcC j

Michael Petty
Dealers don’t work for tips !!!!
The make a base wage. Tips are nice and they are a plus. If you have a good dealer go ahead and tip him. But good dealers are hard to find. I could give you many examples. But I’ll give you one. You mentioned it. When a player shows his neighbor his hand and the dealer doesn’t give a shit and just puts it in the muck. I don’t mind tipping but good dealers are hard to find. There job involves much more than just dealing the cards ♦️

Comment from : Michael Petty

Thomas Weyermann
You’re the fuckin cupcake
Comment from : Thomas Weyermann

For Rule #12: You should also mention that the amount you tip the dealer in cash games should be irrelevant to the size of the pot. No matter how big or small a pot it is, it's usually customary to tip $1 or $2, at least in lower stakes games (in higher games where the blinds are $10/20 or higher, you could tip more if you want.) Many people make the mistake of thinking that when they win a big pot they should tip more, but in reality the dealer is doing the exact same job regardless of what happens within the pot. If they deal 25 hands/hour and get a $1 tip/hand, that's a pretty solid wage.

When it comes to tournaments, tipping 3-5% of your winnings to the dealers and staff is the standard. However, make sure you know beforehand if the tournament directors are already keeping 3% of your winnings for the staff. If they are, then it's up to you if you want to tip more, but you certainly don't have to.

Comment from : Joel

Was kind of hoping for more information on just getting seated. When I went to the casino I got a bit flustered with the sign up process they make you go through before your allowed to sit at a table.
Comment from : RememberRobbyKrieger

why didn't he talk about slow rolling or angle shooting.....
Comment from : Castlehill650

As long as I'm not being angled or slow-rolled, I can handle most "rude" behavior by other players.
Comment from : llongone2

Troll Mctrollerson
Rule number 13- Don't shit your pants at the table. This will cause an unbearable stench that will likely make the game come to an abrupt ending. And moreover every time you sit down at another poker game people will laugh and point at you saying things like there`s the guy who shit his pants or hay there goes shitty pants. Overall its just a bad spot to put yourself in.
Comment from : Troll Mctrollerson

Alex Dashkoff
Yeah, I love poker and hate casinos. Anyone that's makes profits off of a casino game says the same thing. Tipping the dealer is pretty much pointless and you lose money. Any person that's also professional in Blackjack or Spanish 21 or craps would never tip a dealer. It decreases your EV. Fuck the casinos
Comment from : Alex Dashkoff

From the thumb pic, I thought he was coming to us from prison. And, I was hoping he was in prison from poker rule violations.
Comment from : dmed

Righteous Remedy
Poker players believe in Karma?
Comment from : Righteous Remedy

Peter Frasca
Settings -> Playback Speed -> 1.5x
Comment from : Peter Frasca

Kevin H
Crooked beard right side is higher than left , yw
Comment from : Kevin H

forrest forrest
Dealers work for tips? If you have a job then you need a base wage doesn't matter if tips are good.
I don't like going places where I have to feel guilty about a guy relying on kindness of others.

Comment from : forrest forrest

Seen Phil Hellmouth showing his cards to everyone except the person he lost the hand to at least twice on recent PNIA episodes. What an arse that guy is.
Comment from : TheInkinJapan

Tipping the dealer just because you win a hand is bullshit...you could end up losing by the time you leave the table yet you paid extra money to the dealer even though you ended up in the negative....a person that leaves the table a winner could tip, no one else should.
Comment from : G00GLE CHR0ME

no one has ever had to tell me how to act in card games, fuckin yugioh kids always act like they have to scream at the top of their lungs
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Felipe Vanegas
Poker is not a sport guys...
Comment from : Felipe Vanegas

Eric Stone
great video
Comment from : Eric Stone

Joe Magnets
Seems the link is not working, but a very nice video to avoid begginers mistakes.

Comment from : Joe Magnets

tfw showboat cheesecake
Comment from : YoreyC

Juan Ricaud
great video, keep up the good work, you got a new subscriber here!
Comment from : Juan Ricaud

Anthony Rodriguez
I mean, half of these are a little overboard don't you think?
Comment from : Anthony Rodriguez

Bob Papadopoulos
It's funny, Phil Hellmuth breaks almost all these rules. PHIL PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO, ESPECIALLY RULE 11...
Comment from : Bob Papadopoulos

Joe T.
Tipping a dealer take's money off the table and into the hands of the casino. The house should be viewed as an opponent as well. But if your there just to have a good time save me a seat at your table.
Comment from : Joe T.

safar ektal
The pros break most of these rules.
Comment from : safar ektal

The Yemenite Dancer
You should also adress the issue of when leaving the table..if it considered bad ettiqute to leave once you won a monster pot etc...
Comment from : The Yemenite Dancer

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