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Cletis Evans
6:05 Robot finds the Ra Djinn Destructor of Robotic Gnomes and Zoomorphic Scorpion King 🦂 Some of them show the Scorpion holding the hieroglyphic 'F'U'Robot' sign for "gnome/leave/now/garden/eden/land" (Gardeners sign FUR) and is undisputed, if this clear sign combination has a deeper meaning: the Scorpion could represent a resurrected King Scorpion II in his role as a ruler of a certain(but unnamed)gnome robot. Some other tags show the scorpion closing in over a blackhole swallowing time with signs which read 'The Scorpion is Great!'Die in Chaos Robot!'. One unique tag* shows the scorpion holding a long stick,smiting the enemy invading his home
Comment from : Cletis Evans

Cletis Evans
6:05 The Centaurus Aztec Tarantula Ra is actually sneak peeking the robot Happy Halloween 2019 Petrification Replication Replacement - This can take place extremely slowly, replicating the microscopic structure of the organism. The slower the rate of the process, the better defined the microscopic structure will be. The minerals commonly involved in replacement are calcite, silica, pyrite, and hematite. It is rare to find organisms preserved by replacement alone (as opposed to in combination with permineralization), but these fossils present significant importance to paleontologists because these fossils tend to be very detailed.is it really a shape shifting Ra Tarantula Grisley Gorgon Head? Or Ra's son playing around and fighting with the robot? Or maybe the robot sees its own Martian Petrified Cloned Replicated Mummification while looking into Eternities Reflection of Frozen Time Paradox? Looks like ur robot technology just turned Eternal Pinocchio,only which chamber tunnel in time,space and alternate universe do u think ur robot entered? Was there an equinox or full moon?
Comment from : Cletis Evans

Cletis Evans
5:34 only one handle "Melted" and dripped down on both doors from Mars Volcano superheat blocking Orion mirror image time and space glitch [ -- ] then [¬¬] and [· ·] u could open/close vent or adjust position to change temperature like a thermostat
Comment from : Cletis Evans

Cletis Evans
0:44 This is Ra's Hole drill,bent with Ra's bare hands in anger while still lookin down at grave robbers,i aint fuckin shittin ya,grappling hook hemp rope(petrified)is needed to access hidden chambers.Cleopatra's queens chamber vents never where drilled out completely due to Sun and Moon's War priorities,the Colossal invaders were Stone Beheaded by the Aztecs ending the space and time weed wars. Mythology is just playing games with the human minds 420 nice try DEA humans...but Centaurs light the sky,and Mermaids have laser eyes,and Mythology's resurrection never dies while laughing at a Djinn's stoned eternal lies-of cloned Petrifaction takes place through a combination of two similar processes: permineralization and replacement. These processes create "replicas" of the original specimen that are similar down to the microscopic level,and Mars volcano-Silicification is the process in which organic matter becomes saturated with silica. A common source of silica is volcanic material,rebirthed in fire and great flood-either the specimen is buried in sediments of deltas and floodplains or organisms are buried in volcanic ash. Water must be present for silicification to occur,The specimen is transformed to stone (a process called lithification) as water is lost,pyramid freed from volcano and great flood,time travel replication cloned spiritual transcendence of atomic shadow mirror imaging 4:12 detonation device
Comment from : Cletis Evans

Cletis Evans
All these are false chambers,Ra Centaurus laid stone and buffed it into a beautiful cave like texture where sun shined in,where he slept more in hidden relief chambers and hieroglyphics are tattooed Braille for mummified living dead and simple cave drawings mixed with actual records and writing,and this is a destroyed,derelict pyramid that failed to mirror glitch time and space.it was freed from Mars volcano as shit blew up and melted down.the rebuilt cloned great pyramid is in an alternate universe of mythological time and space and operational
Comment from : Cletis Evans

Anon Person
Those channels were used to transport the pyramids stones. After building the inner core they laid the stones from the top down instead of down up.
Comment from : Anon Person

William Parthe
Like some others have said, maybe those copper 'handles' are contacts for the lighting system. Could the chambers behind the doors just be vessels for the electrolyte?
Comment from : William Parthe

Allen Wilbur
At 3:10 you say this is 1993 video of south shaft, which already has broke left copper handle. Then at 5:24 u mistakenly compare it to the 2002 video door which is the NORTH shaft. 2002 is first time visit to the north shaft door due to 93 robot not able to navigate that shaft. So at 5:30 Graham is wrong claiming these are same handles and doors.
Comment from : Allen Wilbur

Allen Wilbur
Hey at 2:08 why is there Rorschach blots on bother sides of the shaft entrance? Does anyone else see these? Looks like painted on, right side top is blue paint. ???
Comment from : Allen Wilbur

Allen Wilbur
If dixon broke off a wood handle on the copper grappling hook, then the wood found by the robot would NOT be from the original builders, right? This video needs to label which shaft is in pictures along with the date. Very confusing. Also, From what I see the 2 copper handle images are from 2 diff doors and that is why they look different . No conspiracy.
Comment from : Allen Wilbur

Daniel Janzen
The important thing is, that of the 3 objects found by Dixon, the wooden one is gone. This would have given us for the first time a carbon date related to the pyramids. thanks for the video
Comment from : Daniel Janzen

3 artifacts, one was a sphere... We found the apple of Eden boys!
Comment from : youcummonster

Laszlo Czillaho
You would have expected to have a much better camera attached to those small robots. I mean the images are just so low in quality. Even a phone can make better videos then these. I'ts a joke. So yes, I would say they are hiding something and teasing us with some low res pictures and video footage like a street security camera where you can hardly make out any person's features, so grainy the image is.
Comment from : Laszlo Czillaho

daniel Estebe
At 2:01 min. the image of one of the conduits appears ... Someone knows what are those designs that appear on each side of the channel hole, or who made them?
Comment from : daniel Estebe

I believe that was where the hook was once those years in BC times that it's possible that there is a clue of a Sphynx tomb
Comment from : Rick SIMPSON

when are they going to go further
Comment from : RealDjToddThunder

Samuel Reed
they were multifuncional... inside the kings chamber was a pressurized environment... the "queens chamber" was a pressure tank. this air pressure was caused by filling the "main gallery" with water... as it filled with fresh water (perhaps the newly discovered "void" was a resuervoir filled with an aquaduct or water pump), it also raised an elevator up through the shaft, where the pharo would seal himself in (for the night and healing time) and the kings chamber became hyperbaric. theshafts were used to regulate pressure, and when it was time to exit the pyramid, the grand gallery (elevator shaft) the water was flushed, and turned a turbine that was in the "subterranian chamber", generating electricity and storing in rechargeable batteries.
Comment from : Samuel Reed

Tom Browne
the gantenbrink video is real. the 2nd one is fake
Comment from : Tom Browne

Markus E
I find the two cities found off India's mainland under the ocean's canopy and the one off Cuba under that sea's canopy, more interesting. And how interesting is that? I find these, and other world pyramids, VERY interesting. If actual scientists actually wanted to find out the actual truth, they would by now have delivered to us much, much information on these matters. By they fear they would be proven wrong on matters regarding evolution and the Bible.
Comment from : Markus E

Mo Amawi
A lot of these videos fail to note that underneath the great pyrimads are water. All the metal inside the shaft doors were copper. It’s obv they are some type of power plant, there are people in the world that keep the truth hidden from the masses. They know the truth. I hope one day that truth will come to light.
Comment from : Mo Amawi

Richard Cranium
They were built by the sons of God. Bible says they laid with the daughters of men and then Noah’s flood came and wiped them out. The Egyptian government is deliberately concealing the evidence. The pyramids are either power generators or a device to launch objects into space.
It wasn’t all that long ago we were a civilization or horses and buggies, 60 some years later we were on the moon. These people may have had thousands of years to develop into a highly advanced society.
Einstein theorized the energy of an atomic bomb contained would propel objects at the speed of light. It is well documented the people who built these pyramids believed they were from a planet near Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion. Oddly the tunnels in the pyramids point to Orion’s Belt and the inside of the pyramids are radioactive. Slightly radioactive but are nonetheless

Comment from : Richard Cranium

rhe pyramids were great free energy generators and communication stations to other spheres planets or even dimensions. but it was stolen by the people and organisations who write History as we learn it at school. but the real History of Humanity is much much older and so phantastic that we think its a scyfi movie... I hope the Truth will shine thru the fog of disinfrmation and history-nonsens... We shall get Connection to the Intergalactic Federation of Galaxys.
Comment from : MO REALITY

Vfor Park
It is a switch and there are two copper terminals at the top of the shaft and the y shaped piece bridges the gap
Comment from : Vfor Park

Ronald Young
The 2 things they are calling handles are electrical connections. Do I need to say more???
Comment from : Ronald Young

Oswalds Reef
Doesn’t the double hook match the 2 copper fittings perfectly? Hook used to pull block in place?
Comment from : Oswalds Reef

Angelo Pappas Antoniou
No, this are real faces of demons,LIKE HINDU
Comment from : Angelo Pappas Antoniou

Doesn’t look like any tomb I have ever seen.
Comment from : WebeesKangz

I can get better pictures with a 50 years old camera. Seems it was deliberate.
Comment from : Search4Truth

Tony Bennett
Excellent video.
Comment from : Tony Bennett

PuMa van Rawker
i dont see a handle that looks outside of the stone and i dont see that these are holes you could put something inside. i see something was worked into that stone. maybee it was 2 peace of cable or wire .... that went corosive and someone pulled it out of the shaft so its broke where the stone is .... handle ..... LOL u mean handle like a handle someone use with the hand ? where at what point of the video material we see a handle?? fake news since 1613
Comment from : PuMa van Rawker

pimpón es un muñeco
Comment from : pimpón es un muñeco

Repeat After Me:
Back in the 90s I had a cheap automatic camera that I used on a building site. 5megapixel and took decent photos. Why are these filmed with potato-cam? All that money and they couldn't fit a decent camera?
Comment from : Repeat After Me:

Jorn Verschoor
Lou Baldin for more Truth answers if truely interested...
Comment from : Jorn Verschoor

Charly Hayes
The Great Pyramid wasn't for burial. It was seemingly built as a superconductor w/primarily electroconductive materials upon an underground water source during a time when water levels were much higher. Tesla based his Coil on it.
Comment from : Charly Hayes

Cromwell 1
Comment from : Cromwell 1

mike n
on the right hand side do u see faces ? on the stone'
Comment from : mike n

Hannibal Barca
That wood was one of the only things that could have actually dated the pyramid, and coincidently, it 'disappeared' 😂
Comment from : Hannibal Barca

Richard bunt
Comment from : Richard bunt

What's wrong with these experts !
All they had to do was flip up the copper handles - the door would have opened.

Comment from : V K

Hawass is a liar, and a government shill. We will never know anything about the true meaning of the pyramids while he is the front man for Egypt. He lies, continually, and hides proof etc. Shutting expeditions down at a whim. Hancock is the best bet for finding what the true nature of, and and knowledge left for us, the great pyramid.
Comment from : RSR423

Crystal Dones
And those small shafts!... Man, how did they built that... Stone slabs with copper attachments?
Comment from : Crystal Dones

The truth will unveil the fact that beings once lived here who were far more advanced than we can imagine - and that of course kills all the carefully guarded paradigms - the truth would destroy religion, governments and the factless education we receive to control us. Ment (Latin: mente) means mind - govern means control - its that simple.
Comment from : theinvisiblewun

Mr Ting
I would like to hear somebody narrate this thing that does not have a speech impediment
Comment from : Mr Ting

These small shafts had 'doors' near the ends which the robot drilled a hole through, to 'see' what was on the other side... actually, there was no need to do so. As can be seen in the thumbnail, there were observed two 'plates' (anodes/cathodes) made of silver embedded in the 'door'. In use, the space behind the 'door' was filled with a liquid (can't remember if it was a base or acid), and by an interaction with the plates, would cause clouds to form which resulted in producing rain over the region... There used to be a video that a scientist actually figured out how this all worked, and this info is further supported by 'other's who had given humanity great knowledge about both the builders of the pyramids, but also what they were actually used for. The book wherein this knowledge is given has two names: 'Thiaoouba Prophecy', and 'Abduction to the 9th Planet'. There is a free pdf available; www.lanuovaumanita.net/files/tp-typeset.pdf
In reading this piece you may think it to be 'science fiction'... I assure you, it is No 'fiction', but is an accurate account of the author's experiences.
John @ James Version (KJV)
And he said unto them, Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.

Comment from : TydalWind

Cornelius Bransonflogger
I think it's a powerplant and that's why it's built to last and has no inscriptions. People of the time probably didn't find it amazing. It would just be like a powerplant now. Nothing special to the people who live by it.
Comment from : Cornelius Bransonflogger

Kris Schaefer
Great work, great English... thank you, bro.
Comment from : Kris Schaefer

Bert the Bird
Mensch, Bruno, wat sprichste denn nich einfach Deutsch?
Comment from : Bert the Bird

hunter wayman
Why copper at the end of the pyramid chamber shafts and why is the two sided hook made aslo of copper???
Any first year electrician will tell you copper conducts electricity. Note the so called hook... isnt a hook but a purpose made contact for the two copper tangs in the shafts. Its no different than a modern day door bell... will someone please ring the bell and lets see who answers the door. Hmmm?

Comment from : hunter wayman

Russell Payne
pity probe didn't have a better camera
Comment from : Russell Payne

Dennis Ipson
It's a hook and a ball to help roll down and pull copper wire through the tunnel. OH YES.... of course i am an idiot.
Comment from : Dennis Ipson

James Klette
Dude needs to do sumthing bout them eyebrows hahaha holy shit
Comment from : James Klette

jet li
The key word.."Graham Hancock".  Ba Bye
Comment from : jet li

o tejas o
Any knowledge that has been learned during our times that conflicts with what we are being told in schools will always be "lost" , "disappear" , hidden from the people . The NWO keeps such knowledge to themselves so that they can maintain control over our world. Only when something "MONUMENTAL" happens that they can not hide , will the Truth of our world becomes known.
Comment from : o tejas o

Wade Litchfield
Look closely at either side of the shaft . What are the two images beside this shaft . I have never heard anything of these images before , but yet there they are .
Comment from : Wade Litchfield

karl Kruger
If there is wood in a sealed shaft why don't they carbon date it?
Comment from : karl Kruger

Pyramids are birthing chambers i believe. With shafts cut directly to chosen stellar constellations, channelling the gods.
Comment from : FineDayWasted

Mark G
Maybe the tunnels were for cats? They liked cats. Or maybe they were meant to be as directional guides for laying the larger stones?
Comment from : Mark G

jason Swift
It seems like Dr.Hawas is trying to preserve what he can for maybe self pride, pride of Egypt ... there are alot of these artifacts that come from Egypt and were obtained by foreign country's using dynamite and by other destructive means and are now sitting in their museums. I'd be pissed! Hell they blew the Bamyan Buddhas sky high and know one gave a second thought! Why?
Comment from : jason Swift

Christian Klein
Seldom is that are to to , i will call it cooperancher in that plates , they dont need cooper transport holes or grips so whay 2 holes witha cooper wall anchor thing , more a seal,?
Comment from : Christian Klein

patrick shiels
There are faces on the numerals on the entrance to the shaft
Comment from : patrick shiels

rodolfo puente jrrodolfo
Richard Holman book
Comment from : rodolfo puente jrrodolfo

rodolfo puente jrrodolfo
Has anyone noticed the images faces of a lion above it, etc eyes and other demons on the left and on the right bottom to the top
This eminds me of Richard Holman book of mars at the Aztec images
How come they don't they say something about that

Comment from : rodolfo puente jrrodolfo

Wonderful book : Bible Came From Arabia
Comment from : A MG

Wolfgang H.
Why this drumset in te background? Is this video so uninteresting?
Comment from : Wolfgang H.

Randy Smith
I think this sheds some light on the complicated well thought out design of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Video : youtu.be/Bj0RnvIl9cQ
Comment from : Randy Smith

Ric Hochulski
maybe it's a machine and not a monument
Comment from : Ric Hochulski

Claudio Saltara
Bruno bliss: I think that where there a will there is a way. I don’t think there is a will in the case of the pyramid shaft. To see if I had polips in my colon they inserted scope, because the anesyhetic did not put me to sleep I was able to see the whole procedure, the doctor and the nurse were not aware I was awake. When I said it is nice and pink inside the colon, the nurse in amazement said “he is awake!” I think the procedure is the same in the tunnel, they like to keep the suspence, it is good for business.
Comment from : Claudio Saltara

Salvatory beertruck
for the rest its just click bait,nothing new we know it for years.
Comment from : Salvatory beertruck

Salvatory beertruck
zahi hawass is the most stupid person in the world.
Comment from : Salvatory beertruck

Ancient Mysteries & Modern Innovations
There certainly seems as though something has been obscured
Comment from : Ancient Mysteries & Modern Innovations

TL Long
The images on either side of the shaft look to be symmetrical, much like the rotational symmetry of crystals... The center of each image shown on the rock is the mirror plane, with each side perfectly symmetrical representing the internal arrangement of atoms in a three dimensional crystal
Comment from : TL Long

Machines have shafts duh!
Comment from : drtb69

Hey audience, guess where this guy will be tomorrow :D that's right, inside the great pyramid!!! Been waiting for this moment for ages and it is finally happening. Thank you all for the views and comments, I get no money out of this, just glad for your appreciation over the years, again sorry for the mirrored images around the shafts, it was a mistake not meant to create imagery or false ideas, I just wanted to make a 4:3 image into 16:9 without ruining the ratio. Thanks again! Bruno
Comment from : brunobliss

Pockets MacCartney
Why do they get wrong everywhere: from what was said, there are two different blocks with copper protrusions. Hancock was mistaken about a part being broken off.
Comment from : Pockets MacCartney

Daring Goldman
Impressive art on both sides of the shaft opening
Comment from : Daring Goldman

Nick qfn

0;19 what the heck are those sort of strange drawings on each side of the shaft?

Comment from : Nick qfn

Claudius Pereira
seek and ye shall find --the others are a waste of oxygen !
Comment from : Claudius Pereira

n o b o d y h e r e
Of course it had a purpose! Sadly lost in time
Comment from : n o b o d y h e r e

jay long
power plant of its day
Comment from : jay long

Stephanie Ervin
what were those faces by the hole both sides look Asian
Comment from : Stephanie Ervin

Pipe Tunes
Kill Hawas
Comment from : Pipe Tunes

Arthur Hunt
The only shaft we we are studying in America at this moment is the one our citizens are getting from our own President. With a little luck next Tuesday we will be working to shaft him.. Great video by the way.
Comment from : Arthur Hunt

Ned Walport
I believe the ancients had a colossal sense of humor ....
Comment from : Ned Walport

Elizabeth Johnson
Simple it was built over running water and was a Power plant of some type. Probably built before the last ice age. We now have found upwards to over 200 pyramids on Earth. The principle ones over running water or what was running water.
Comment from : Elizabeth Johnson

Danny Holt Sr
More old rock and roll
Comment from : Danny Holt Sr

Obviously a 327 ram horn exhaust manifold
Comment from : destro513

kenny proulx
Turn the music down
Comment from : kenny proulx

I love mysteries but Hate the outlandish speculative conspiracies that inevitably come from uninformed uneducated curious minds of the woooh wishers
Comment from : ssabykoops

Ivan Olsen
they are power plants
Comment from : Ivan Olsen

ask yourself how they build those little tunnels 6000 years ago no electricity I don't care what other people think I m sure Egyptians got help from alien life
Comment from : PUERTOrico FORMER/usaMARINE

Soren Mikkelsen
The shaft was for telescopes
Comment from : Soren Mikkelsen

Were things stored in the shaft, and earlier 'explorers' stole them?
Comment from : Richard

Mark Myjak
Maybe the pyramid is a signal amplifier. Takes a signal from Orion's belt and retransmits it to another star system. Maybe the pyramid should be analyzed as an RF electrical system. Those "airshafts" could be some kind of wave guide. I'm taken apart cellular RF components that connect to the antenna. All I found was channels cut into the aluminum block with a small wire sticking into the channel. The channels are machined for certain RF frequencies.
Comment from : Mark Myjak

Albert Mag
Now they have detected a huge new void deep within the Great Pyramid ...but alas woe are we But the lowly minnions whom have no right to have any in or out put in regaurds to this world class structure .....''Woe be the Minnions""
Comment from : Albert Mag

Leslie Jones
the world's biggest slot machine for cats
Comment from : Leslie Jones

Jovin Gallentine
The copper handles or (leads) were there to transmit electricity.
Comment from : Jovin Gallentine

David Bolaños
Technology from the primal past
Comment from : David Bolaños

supermoto stü
It was and is a water pump.....have a gander, do a search ‘the great pyramid is a water pump’ very interesting!!!
Comment from : supermoto stü

Stephan Walter
We may try reverse angeniring but that will not happen because humans are stupid
Comment from : Stephan Walter

Zoes Dada
Id like to get my hands on all the artifacts they have hidden away in these museums.
Comment from : Zoes Dada

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