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5 String Slots
Nice video!
Comment from : 5 String Slots

Lorraine Sullivan
Multiple Progressive jackpots were AMAZING !!!!! Great Video !!!!
Comment from : Lorraine Sullivan

Lady Luck HQ
Hey girl hey 😘😘
Comment from : Lady Luck HQ

I love skill stopping❤❤
Comment from : WATCH KPLAY

Great job on Vampires Embrace! First and only time I played King Midas I fed $600 into it betting $2.50 never got the bonus. I never played it again, I am fragile like that when it comes to slots.

My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos
So... THAT's how you turn a Really Good Bonus into a GREAT Bonus! That was Amazing that it gave you BOTH Progressives! Fun Video!
Comment from : My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos

Gina Romantica
Way to go Joe!! What a fun time on that
machine,happy that you won.😊

Comment from : Gina Romantica

Wow EZ you are the slot whisperer. Tell it like it is! Great video! Good luck on your next Spin!
Comment from : 1965Beans

CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos
Two in one, nothing better than that!
Comment from : CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos

Lucky Lady 13
Hi EZ! That is great!...... you made vampires embrace your ATM! Nice win!
Comment from : Lucky Lady 13

Pam Campbell
Live the vampire game. Yes you called both. Thanks
Comment from : Pam Campbell

Anna A Slots
Wow congrats I really enjoyed watching your videos thanks for sharing
Comment from : Anna A Slots

Nora S
King Midas is mean stay away from him!
Comment from : Nora S

Lynn Spurr
Won those progressives on fleet
Comment from : Lynn Spurr

Drew B
Nice run Joe. Love the Vampire and King Midas games. Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Drew B

Coco 777
Nicccce, I've never seen someone win both progressives! But...ainsworth? I thought you didn't like these...garbage games?? 🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : Coco 777

Mary Ridner
Very nice.
Comment from : Mary Ridner

Mary Kiefer
Awesome outcome..keep the luck going
Comment from : Mary Kiefer

Christine C
Winning :-)
Comment from : Christine C

Desert Tiger
Triple Shit or Shot, lmao. King Midas has some potential. I've done well on it before - don't give up on it just yet.
Comment from : Desert Tiger

D Car
Nice both jackpots. Way to go Joe. Thanks for sharing lots of fun to watch
Comment from : D Car

Kellie Ramos
Nice! Great stream EZ.
Comment from : Kellie Ramos

Pat Loh
The DLLM HAMMER 🔨 has worked its wonder on those jackpots. The only problem is, its not swung by me but by the fastest hands in slots..Grats Joe, keep swinging at those Ma Ka Hai Ding Ding pokies...😋😋😎😎
Comment from : Pat Loh

Aaron Bababooski
Finally some videos from Slot Con Con
Comment from : Aaron Bababooski

Ms KT’s Slot Channel
Pretty sweet!!!!
Comment from : Ms KT’s Slot Channel

Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos
WOW! I've never seen both jackpots awarded. Very nice! :)
Comment from : Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos

Dominic Moreau
I pulled this off once, where I was losing my ass on .80 on a 40 line version of the game. Was down to my last $20 and finally caught a bonus after like 500 spins. On the last spin of my bonus I nearly full screened and hit for like $400. On the win I ended up tipping both progressives, even though they weren't up very high. Totaled out to like $750 on an .80 cent roll. Probably my best hit ever on G+.
Comment from : Dominic Moreau

Catherine Linder
Nice video and win. Congrats!
Comment from : Catherine Linder

you double fisted it, congrats!
Comment from : JohnColtrane2000

Robin Granny of two
HI Joe I know you through KATEY. I have a question . On average how many spins have you found it takes to get to a bonus level. DO you find with the max bet you have a better chance. Love it when you are with KATEY.. thanks
Comment from : Robin Granny of two

Cathy McS
WOW! Congratulations! How fun was that! LOL
Comment from : Cathy McS

Wanda C
Thanks for sharing EZ SLot Whisperer!! :) This is still one of my favorite games, thanks for sharing ! :)
Comment from : Wanda C

Matthew's Slot Channel
Very nice hit! I’ve never had the pleasure of getting the double progressive
Comment from : Matthew's Slot Channel

Boston girl Bridget
The same happen to me at foxwoods on that game !! Love the bonus on it too if you bet high you can win big ...great video as always EZ
Comment from : Boston girl Bridget

Triple “shit” or “shot”.. I love it..👍🏻
Comment from : RainMakerSlots

Caroline Wood
Great video 🙂
Comment from : Caroline Wood

Benedict Penny made me watch the video stating if you make enough coin by the end of the month for a 12 pack of Coke and a bag of M&M's you may forgive her. #FreePenny Keep them Video's coming Joe... Lol
Comment from : Gotarace

NG Slot
Great Session EZ, that bonus was awesome $300 win and + Major. 👍
Comment from : NG Slot

NC Gambler
Very nice 👍
Comment from : NC Gambler

Danion Mosby
Good hit jew. Fucken baby.
Comment from : Danion Mosby

BK Slots
I love those type of old G+ machines!
Comment from : BK Slots

Kristin Goslin
Joe!! Nice progressive wins on Vampires Embrace!! 😏🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♀️ohhh yeah!🤗
Comment from : Kristin Goslin

Heather Chessman
Beautiful win EZ. I've never seen a double progressive win before, congratulations!
Comment from : Heather Chessman

Debby S
Wow...Congrats to the "Slot Whisperer" on those Progressives. Enjoyed the video=thumbs up!
Comment from : Debby S

TheMaster Zman11
That first bonus was a rough start and then all of a sudden it just turned and dumped it all to you. Nice!
Comment from : TheMaster Zman11

Palm Springs Spinners
Double Progressive Win?! What?! Who does that? Awesome video! 🌴🌴
Comment from : Palm Springs Spinners

We need the spilled tea on slotcon!!!!!! con......
Comment from : Julesluvzslots

deborah perryman
Great video
Comment from : deborah perryman

Lisa Marie
Great job!! Love your channel 😘
Comment from : Lisa Marie

Becky Noblett
Great video. Congrats on the double progressive wins.....that was awesome.
Comment from : Becky Noblett

Eilis Nimurcu
What? Is Heidi moonlighting as a PRINCESS .🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧐
Comment from : Eilis Nimurcu

ASMR sounds SJ
So, ya do this full time?
Comment from : ASMR sounds SJ

Eilis Nimurcu
Thumbs up..woohoo 👍🏻

Comment from : Eilis Nimurcu

Vic T Slots
That was a great run on vampires embrace. Love the double progressive wins. To bad king midas didnt do the same.
Comment from : Vic T Slots

Nadine Staats
Comment from : Nadine Staats

Dan M
Number 1 baby!!!
Comment from : Dan M

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