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unknown territory
pretty hilarious he says to adapt and play every hand differently then says you shove a certain range ss that its solved. It is not solved. Defends the opponent. Some oppponents don't care if its blind vs blind they wait for a premium even 5 bb deep where some players might shove wider this guy might not. Then you call his shove with K7 and see he has AK and lose the hand and tell yourself its the right call vs 5bb stack. That is bull it all depends the kind of opponent who is shoving into you. It could be a terrible call even though his dumb gto shove fold pre thing might say its right. Problem with math in poker is it doesn't add in the psychology of how each opponent thinks and plays. Its based on a gto style of playing that pretty much nobody plays. nobody plays gto and labratus pretty much proved that mowing down all of dougs students exploiting all of them.

I started to like his video until he said poker is solved in pre flop situations. That nash stuff is bull all depends the opponents your facing.

Comment from : unknown territory

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