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How good was that!
Comment from : RtB68

Jordan Strudwick
I love 2019
Comment from : Jordan Strudwick

life of leaf
The information shared to public are inaccurate. They showing the parts that are open to public. there are many hidden stuff inside those huge pyramids. don't trust things shared to public as government tend to always hiding things. do your research and enjoy watching this funny information on 3D
Comment from : life of leaf

Adam Meek
GEZA not giza. stupid egyptian spelling.
Comment from : Adam Meek

Greg M
False information here
Comment from : Greg M

Feels like minecraft X-ray hacks
Comment from : Entroxity

Ayyan Adnan
Comment from : Ayyan Adnan

ibrahim amin
Why the hell does it feel like Blight Town from DS1?
Comment from : ibrahim amin

Remember To Always Chomp With us!
Am I the only one that's freaked out
Comment from : Remember To Always Chomp With us!

Fubar :
Had to turn on the light to watch haha , a bit freaked out
Comment from : Fubar :

Humam Ali
I know who built it!

2:06 a giant man who built and he is buried under the pyramids. Do you know how I know?

People don’t want to expose the Quran.
Quran is a book sent by god and the messenger is Mohammad. In the Quran there are chapters.In this chapter is call (الفجرAlfajer) and it exposed everything you want to know.

Comment from : Humam Ali

Humam Ali
I know why
Comment from : Humam Ali

Mr.Nobody 2.0
Ohh stop it already ... the Pyramids are not tombs.
Comment from : Mr.Nobody 2.0

i can tell you that this subterranean entrance is the path to the underworld (Agartha)
Comment from : الفرعون

Kathleen Earle
The pyramid's were built by the Nephilim before the flood of Noah. The evidence of these monolithic constructions throughout the earth in all continents remind us of the power of these giants whose bones have been found in many areas of excavation. It would seem that many would believe in lost cities of Atlantis, monoliths of huge construction under the sea of magnitudes unfathomable in human terms.
Before the flood, these temples to the alignment of the stars and planets were built in honour of the place they had come from .
The inclination of mankind had become so violent through the influence of these giants, that Jehovah regretted he had created man.
He saw one man, Noah who was righteous. Through him he saved the generations that where to come. And so we are here to attest to
the evidence before us, not speculation.
Was not the tower of Babel (Babylon) built on the same delusions of grandiose thinking. All the earth spoke one language up to that time
until Jehovah confused their speech, so that they could not communicate with each other. From then they spread to distant area's, taking
the history of themselves though generations. The truth embedded in the folk lore, but the truth written down as a testament and witness
of the facts. In a court of law we swear by the truth of the Holy Bible. Have You Looked !!!!!

Comment from : Kathleen Earle

why is there so many comments of people acting like they know everything about this when no one does
Comment from : Tatty

0:47 and look up. What is that and what are the grooves for?
Comment from : Guro-kawaii

HW Geez
It is not a tomb, real pharaoh mummies are found underground. The use of pyramids remain unclear.
Comment from : HW Geez

VR Kumar
if you think Pyramid is the only Ancient wonder, think again!... go to India and investigate Shiva temples some which date to 10,000 yrs b.c... I have nothing against the beautiful Giza pyramid of Egypt, I truly believe it must have been built by the Gods but also Gods stretched their mark to teach us throughout the World, and I am still puzzled on how the Ancient people or Gods built those old temples like "Kailash Temple" in Ajanta and Ellora caves and many many more across the Nation of India.
Comment from : VR Kumar

Cell m8
you are full of shit
Comment from : Cell m8

Gods Klanof
The Kingdom of Kush is much older than Egypt: www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6jifJw6sbw
Comment from : Gods Klanof

Hariz Adam
Allahhuakhbar ini ciptaan Allah
Comment from : Hariz Adam

Charles Miner
Let's not forget the real story. They were built around 10,500 bc during our most spiritually advanced time on this earth. They were built for spiritual initiation and purification. People from all over the world used go there to study and bring the knowledge back to their land, this is why we see pyramids all over the world dating to the same times. The empty sarcophagus is perfectly located so that one can lie down inside and be spiritually purified. I recently had a past life experience and It breaks my heart to see what we've done here but I'm not gonna let that hold me back from being the best that i can be.
Comment from : Charles Miner

Ok the pyramid is cool and everything, fine. But that 360°shit ROCKS! Because lets face it EVERYTHING else about the pyramids that were told is best guess information or misinformation?
Comment from : rcair123

Ash Deth
I love this ty
Comment from : Ash Deth

Kutyaütő Kis
This story is wrong. Long times ago is well known, that this building was NEVER A BURIAL PLACE AND NEVER WAS HERE NEITHER A CORPS NOR A MUMMY..!!! It was empty when first open it barbarian islamic people with explosion... Obviously this was a grandiose machine! HAS NO ENTRANCE MAN!!! That is why must itt blasting. And fact: never makes nobody terminating site on it. This built to one pice through more and more hundred years, but not leaves open, dont makes entrances, and exits... this was a closed special work monument with misterious purpose.... only can going inside "the soul, making exit and trip to underword, on the Styx river" (that represents symbolic the "lake" under the pyramid).
No clues, that when the Pharao dies, after would built the rest walls to closing with much more tons gigantic stones... would be nonsence and impossible... The grand pyramid was a hidrostatic-electrolic and ceremonial machine, that have mystic aspects... New researches and theories says it makes the "water of life" or as i mentioned the mythic "Styx water"...
The Nile flows 5-8 thousends of years ago directly near outside this gigant and the water flow direct inside on maded channels, and misterious electrolitic reaction happening with the Sun on the special condensing object on the top of the pyramid... this electrolic fluids ancient name was the Styx water and flowing underneath the building in the lake and after it is "used" circulating back in the Nile... the egyptian ancestors believes that this makes again young and strong the worthy noble person... like the pharaos and main priests... but this operation was neither in big nor the small "burial" chambers inside the pyramid (thus was full with special cleaned Nile-water)... it was happening under the building near to the little lake...

Comment from : Kutyaütő Kis

jorelcope G
Lol my channel brooooœ
Comment from : jorelcope G

loardom _yt
Comment from : loardom _yt

Chris Rivero
Comment from : Chris Rivero

Rose Purdy
Great graphics! However, the voice over is wrong on all counts. Not a tomb, age is not nailed down, etc. Take with a grain of salt!
Comment from : Rose Purdy

How do they know if it were stolen?
Comment from : ANJANYA

it's not a tomb
Comment from : A SOUTH

Torsten Dietrich
CGI-Animation but very bad Quality! - Why??? Big Thumb down for this shit work!!! (absolut Beginner!)
Comment from : Torsten Dietrich

Carl Esc
No a single hieroglyph i repeat not a single hieroglyph.
Comment from : Carl Esc

Awsome 3d vid!!
Comment from : ascott

Martin Lenselink
No coffin ever in place no body as it is made for Christ The Holy Ghost today.
And yes, He layed down His body in the Coffin and it fitted like a shoe !
For those who do not know He is Back, His Name Today = Brian, Leonard, Golightly, Marshall !
An Alter to the Lord ! Build by Enoch, and the Angels ! Not build by Kufu . In Islam they called him, Saurid. Anyway no body, no delict !

Comment from : Martin Lenselink

Potato Man
Bloody hell i had to read the chat to make sure i wasnt been chosen by aliens to see 360° of the video. Got freaked out for a moment there 😅
Comment from : Potato Man

James Miller
Interesting side note. In the 1100's Saladin's son ordered the three pyramids of Giza demolished. Workers started with Menkaure's pyramid, working on demolition for 8 months. You can see the huge gash of stones they removed from the side of it by breaking the blocks up into pieces and removing them. However it proved to be as expensive to demolish the pyramids as to build them so the project was abandoned. THANKFULLY! This guy wanted to destroy the damn pyramids!
Comment from : James Miller

Here are my thoughts about Pyramids, they were protection against great flood, which explains shafts and chambers. Someone should create exact replica of pyramid and put it under water. But one question remains, what happened to all the people, were they taken to the other planets, or did they simply died in a flood. But obviusly not all of them died :)
Comment from : DigDeep

i have ben to Egypt, this is not a tomb .. and believe me i have seen a lot of Egyptian tombs, some older that the pyramid of Giza :
How Egyptian built Tombs:
1-pictures on the wall showing the person and the gods (believe me it's necessary because it's a religious matter)
2-writing telling you the name of the person, his family his wife his ancestors, and tributes to the gods
3-the mummy is never berried, or putt in stone graves .. all mummies are put inside a coffin for resurrection later

The Pyramid of Giza:
1-No writings on the walls (who would build such a massive thing and never put tribute to his name on it)

2-No pictures or carvings of god (if it's a burial place, then it's a religious necessity)
3-No Stone statues, believe me, if Egyptians were building such a massive structure for a king, THERE WOULD BE STONE STATUES OF THAT KING, we can all agree that if thieves stole the "tomb", no human can lift a statues 15000 tones heavy
4-there are many tunnel that are very small to pass trough for a humans , and some impossible to passe trough for a human, why make them anyways? who would engineer such a massive thing then forget to make appropriate passages for people
5-the pyramid took 80 years to build, more time than the life of Khufu him self
6-such a stone monument take A LOT of money to make, A LOOOOOT ... Egyptians maybe religious, but they are not stupid, if they wanted to make a tomb for the king, they could have carved a mountain in his name and make a tomb from it with sculpted columns and giant statues , and still would have ben way easier than building that pyramid..
7-the pyramid has GIANT COPPER WIRES on the walls :

Comment from : Dagob

They use it as a tomb just while do not have any idea what this is (we have no idea today)
Comment from : stfnsipos

i have no life
So the pyramids coordinates are the same as the speed of light and they just so point to orion. Hmmmm. Sounds like gps becon home.
Comment from : i have no life

Gage Turner
Comment from : Gage Turner

They some goons
Comment from : smhsadley

paulla smith
What's under it is what I wanna see. A remarkable accomplishment if built by man. Not so remarkable if built by nephilim (which is more likely the case). So I ask again; "What's under it?"
Comment from : paulla smith

Wow awesome!
Comment from : MusicZeroOne

Alain Hospenthal
These are no tombs. They might have been used as such later, but where never intended to be by the builders.
Comment from : Alain Hospenthal

Timothy Garrison
That's is so cool, more please
Comment from : Timothy Garrison

id have my mailbox at the top
Comment from : maximumHD

Harold Wagner
Nothing special--just VR tricks.
Comment from : Harold Wagner

shawn corrigan
Bullshizz ,thats not a tomb and you people know it.
Comment from : shawn corrigan

Sheldon High-Z
I wish there was a tutorial on how to build a miniature version of this pyramid. So I could have my own pyramid and free electricity. Also I would have the knowledge to build an aqueduct if need be .
Comment from : Sheldon High-Z

Sheldon High-Z
You lost me at " Pharohs burial chamber"
Comment from : Sheldon High-Z

Bad Mann
as soon as they say it was a tomb and was built 4500 years ago, I'm outta here cuz its bullshit
Comment from : Bad Mann

Greg Brown
Clearly more BBC propaganda lies. BBC is so transparently false in their coverages. This is bloody hilarious to say the least. Even African scholars, Graham Hancock and Ethiopian scholars are laughing.
Comment from : Greg Brown

Marco Drayton
Giza in 3D -

Comment from : Marco Drayton

Jay St. Clair
Typical mainstream rubbish...The Great Pyramid is the tomb of cafu...it was built 4500 years ago..LOL. Unbelievable.
None of the Pyramids were built by the Pharonic Dynasty. These people found these massive structures, semi destroyed and long abandoned. The Egyptians added to these monuments and built on to existing structures and did some fine work. They did not build the Pyramids or the Sphinx. As soon as people start to wake up to the truth, mainstream media will not be able to push this lie anymore.

Comment from : Jay St. Clair

john van bergen
This is awesome
Comment from : john van bergen

Count Koopa
It's a freaking machine.
Comment from : Count Koopa

This is awesome, however they are still sticking to the story and the pharaohs were buried there Even though there are pyramids all over the world and a mommy has never been found in a pyramid. We are probably more primitive than they were. We will have to ask a Doctor Who I guess.
Comment from : JohnCannonBand

Kuripot Si Talim
Dont let The Black Hammer Gang going inside of the pyramid
Comment from : Kuripot Si Talim

Hineskitt Velvett
This is totally irresponsible. So They placed over 2 million stone blocks weighing on average 2/5 tons just to bury a pharaoh? That Pyramid was there long before the Egyptians. IT'S A POWER PLANT!!!
Comment from : Hineskitt Velvett

Seyi Adeyemi
The video says "... The Kings Chamber, where it is THOUGHT the pharaoh was buried", and then proceeds to say "...his mummified body was stolen by robbers many centuries ago...". Fun fact: there is no, and has never been, any evidence that there was ever a mummy or treasures in any part of the Great Pyramid. In fact, the "sarcophagus" is too large to fit through the opening to the chamber, and would have had to be built "in place" during the construction of the pyramid... many, many years before the pharaoh's death. The opening to the King's Chamber is, as noted in the video, only 1m/~3ft... if there was ever a mummy in that chamber, how would they have carried it in? Questions questions.
Comment from : Seyi Adeyemi

Youtube bug: if you watch this in fullscreen mode, and use the scroll wheel to zoom in, you can't zoom out again, it just scrolls down to the comments.
Comment from : prodigalretrod

Rand Om
First chamber: Father
Second: Mother
Third chamber 'mysterious': Son

Comment from : Rand Om

4500 years ago 👀
yeah rite

Comment from : TAMON PRIDNiCE

Humanus Torchman
The pyramid lie! A tomb? But no body inside! 4k years old, build within 30 years to fit the narrative of making it happen in a human life time. All lies. The pyramids are more than 11,000 years old. They were build without any engravings, no texts, no images, nothing. Because this wasn't needed. It is all about purpose, it's function. It was build to last eons. The whole plateau is covered with limestone, interlocking in every dimension. Some stones weigh over 100 tons. This buldings purpose is supposed to last, to survive the great flood, earthquakes, to remind us on something. The geometrical features, the planning, the accuracy, the size, everything is wayyy beyond anything humans could build at the thime of the dynastic Egypts. The pyarmids are a pre-dynastic heritage. Early Egyptians came directly out of the stone age. They haven't even had the time to evolve so far, to be able to build such monument within three generations. And Kufu is the third generation of the dynastics.
Who build them and why? No one knows. But it is highly likely that it wasn't us.
Anyone who believes, the Egyptians build them as tombs is reatarded. It is very very sad that this crap is still being though at school!

Comment from : Humanus Torchman

The Pyramid was a power plant. Solved!
Comment from : Nick

NOT A TOMB!!! Everything about the Great Pyramid, including its age, is a freakin lie!
Comment from : JohnnyRebKy

Fuck! I broke my screen!
Comment from : ᖇᗩ乙0229

Mike S
2018 We KNOW it's not a Tomb! We KNOW this is a propaganda lie. We also know it's much older than 5,000 years (as is the sphinx). 30 seconds in, I stopped this and refused to watch something that starts with lies.
Comment from : Mike S

This was such an amazing experience wow
Comment from : ashrena

Sircivus Won
I think the bottom area was for water storage and cooling - much like a wine celar. just pour it in from the top and let gravity do the rest. Getting it out, on the other hand, who knows. Of course there would likely be water deposits inside, or some other evidence of water, so what do i know.
Comment from : Sircivus Won

Jacqueline Ellison
Great video very realistic, thank God for 360 and VR glasses
Comment from : Jacqueline Ellison

Freddy Krüger
Better see it without Sound 👌
Comment from : Freddy Krüger

This is obviously not a tomb...
Comment from : Addison

Rand Om
three chambers: one for God the father, one for God the son, and one for God the mother. Khufu, Khafra and khufu's wife. Isis Horus and Osiris.
Comment from : Rand Om

Rand Om
what a nice grave. too bad habiru slaves plundered khufu's grave so his body was moved to the valley of the kings later.
Comment from : Rand Om

Nice video but you spout shit, that’s not what we are looking at. Graham Hancock should narrate this.
Comment from : JapanZen

Who ?
Think about it, what sort of bulding would need to be tall with fairly steep sides ? Clearly it's an artificial ski slope, skiiers would be hauled up on side by ropes an pulleys by teams of slaves. They were working on the design for a cablecar when they were invaded by Aliens on skis.
Comment from : Who ?

ThomasJerome Newton
were are they getting all the facts from the beano ??
Comment from : ThomasJerome Newton

usman ebrahim
These pyramids are powerhouse the source of electricity for Egyptian rulers
Comment from : usman ebrahim

Hrvoje Zujic
Comment from : Hrvoje Zujic

where are all the traps, monuments, and halls?

doctor steve
instructions : mute volume and watch the animation. actually pretty good.
Comment from : doctor steve

Hy Vong
Stop fooling the public about the TOMB thing, or you are just out right ignorant. There is no such thing as tomb in that big stone pyramid. We are smarter than that, do not insult our intelligence any more. Who pays you? Vatican
Comment from : Hy Vong

wtf there are only 3 pasageways and 3 rooms? amazing
Comment from : iDerekMC

The British always neglect others and specially Muslims.
Comment from : JS & GN

Downvoted video for inaccurate information
1:02 "where it's thought the pharaoh was buried" yeah thought by school children in 6th grade until they do independent research maybe..... ???? STOP REGURGITATING INACCURATE PROPAGANDA, all your are doing is giving scientists a bad rep since we KNOW it's never ever been a tomb.

Comment from : Cyramor11

Peter Bate
never was a body in here. Think why this one has no painting, the other structures do. So much pointing to a different pic than the people we call the ancient Egyptians having built this, but a prior civilization copied by the ancient Egyptians? IDK, im no expert. Actually, I am not sure if we know enough for any experts to even exist quite yet. hhmmm....?
Comment from : Peter Bate

Big Dick
It's funny that big institutions and news networks routinely do "specials" on the pyramids.

It's obvious they want to keep their lies fresh in the minds of mainstream society.
Why keep up with the lies unless we are still slaves mining gold for the Anunnaki?

Comment from : Big Dick

The BluePrint
thanks for letting me post here.
Comment from : The BluePrint

Elizabeth Wolfgang
That was amazing. Never mind the narrator. The view is where it's at! Wow!!!
Comment from : Elizabeth Wolfgang

Jay Librando
Everytime I hear "Kufu" I laugh internally. But anyway check out the precision of these randomly sized granite blocks.

And it's capable of frequency resonance? Marvelous is an understatement.

Comment from : Jay Librando

video on how the pyramids were really built

Comment from : INSTANT SOLAR

Tomica & Trackmaster
Your information is probably untrue, its been since proven that they were no tombs and were probably built much earlier
Comment from : Tomica & Trackmaster

Jonathan Scott
I thought that Ramses the 3rd had made it a strong civilization during his reign he help built alot of things and had more power
Comment from : Jonathan Scott

John Laccohee-Joslin
I wish producers of videos like this would either get their facts right or just plain tell the truth.
No king was ever buried here, they were as facts show, all buried in the valley of the kings.
I know this put to question the reason for the structure, something that those in control really dont want to have worked out, but if we keep following the dots sooner or later the penny will drop and mankind will be a lot more aware about our past and our future, this is why certain countries are going round destroying many of these sites in serounding countries like Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Palestine, the list goes on as does the destruction.
The answer must be very big for such an act of wanten destruction to take place.
However, none of this is helped by people going out of their way to lie about the history of these places, and somewhere along the line somebody will in the end work it out for all to know.

Comment from : John Laccohee-Joslin

Why is it implied that the Great pyramid is the largest pyramid in the world?
When the largest pyramid in the world is in China and its like 5-8 miles wide.
The Chinese government stated,” westerners aren’t ready to see what they witnessed inside already.
It was Black people. Every where in the world where pyramids reside. Blacks created them and lived there for millions of years.
South America has 5000 pyramids.
Africa only has 250 pyramids found so far.
China has the largest and several others.
USA history is written for slaves and followers of others opinions that aren’t based on facts.
The African American is on there own land and they can’t see past Roots movies.
All of those pyramid builders shared the same lineage because they all built mounds identically. Some bigger then others.
Pyramids were conduits that used plasma to tap into to higher realms. Basically a real living church that tapped them into one on one conversations on the astral talk with energies from past lives, who taught them to manifest and to build wonders for the benefit of all. Those energies were there higher self( both brains aligned)= GODS.
There goes the alien myth.

Comment from : Thothme.

Blake Warrington
All false
Comment from : Blake Warrington

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