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Kunhee Cho
Great video! Thanks. Great advice.
Comment from : Kunhee Cho

Goin in tonight for a 125 buy in at the crown casino wish me luck
Comment from : Nick

Barber JR
No step 4?
Comment from : Barber JR

Dzeljana Pusiga
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about best online poker tips try card crusher fixer (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my brother in law got amazing results with it.
Comment from : Dzeljana Pusiga

Rohan Long
Love this prep Guide. Extremely helpful for me personally. Thanks Evan, definitely needed this chill mode video!
Comment from : Rohan Long

Dimitri Selsky
Thanks a lot for this video!
Comment from : Dimitri Selsky

わかりませんI Understand
"Some people do 'incantations'" lol people are casting spells now?
Comment from : わかりませんI Understand

Excellent! From Mexico, thanks
Comment from : Rafarush45

Nikola Kanev
Thanks for the video mate! Awesome! :)
Comment from : Nikola Kanev

Mike Times
Thank You Bro! Nice Vid
Comment from : Mike Times

chris calvo
I'm playing event 5 &12 this year wsop 2017 really enjoyed your videos hope to see you there
Comment from : chris calvo

Anuj Kumar Kodam
Pumped up for the upcoming tournament ~400$, satellited my way, feeling it's coming.

I wanted to say this before any thing else, you've been a real guide of light. I'll do my best to spread the light and love!

Comment from : Anuj Kumar Kodam

Raja K
awesome one Shawn.............feel at ease now; thanks bro !!!
Comment from : Raja K

Super Duper
You gave me confidence. Thank you!
Comment from : Super Duper

Nicholas Demichele
I was just wondering what you thought about the Royal Caribbean Poker tournament?
Comment from : Nicholas Demichele

Penny Man
YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!! KEEP HELPING US!!! I DO HAVE ONE QUESTION!!! my 1st tournament I got last at my local casino... this time I lost at 32nd in an 89 person tournament. I know I'm getting better but I'm shooting for 1st next time. Any tips I JUST TURNED 21. I did REALLY GOOD AT THE BEGINNING and I have realized when I have less chips I do worse... plz make a video for me I would really appreciate it!!!!
Comment from : Penny Man

andrew holgate
amazing vid Evan, it was so good I have registered with Grips, thxandy @ 888ash888 on stars
Comment from : andrew holgate

Mark Lally
thanks needed that
Comment from : Mark Lally

Awesome tips. Thanks again and gl!
Comment from : McGavel1

Shahid Aziz
This is Shawn Aziz.
Thank You for keeping simple and meaningful.
I have not played in a long time sort of lost interest and not thinking about picking it up again.
I am glad to see your presentation. If i get good results I will be back with more comments.
Thank You again

Comment from : Shahid Aziz

Christopher itsdaperr Perry
Hey Evan I just wanted to say thanks. I have been studying a lot more this last year in order to improve my game. I find your videos very helpful. I use them as a tool whenever I have a question I try to find a Gripsed video on the subject. I played my largest ever live tournament this past weekend and not only did I play some of my best poker ever, but I final tabled and took home a little extra cash. Thanks again man, and keep it up.
Comment from : Christopher itsdaperr Perry

Brad Lee Quintal
great videos evan!! getting pumped up for some daily deepstacks at the wsop awesome stuff man thanks again!!
Comment from : Brad Lee Quintal

Coelhinho Fufu
Thanks for the video. I am getting ready for my first tournament tomorrow. I loved your tips. I will enjoy the moment and have a lot of fun. Thanks to your video. See you!
Comment from : Coelhinho Fufu

This video just got me pumped! Seriously considering going pro, very successful in cash games but horrible in tourneys, this video has given me a lot of insight to just play solid fundamentals in tourneys. In cash games I feel like you have way more room to be creative. Thanks for the tips. MSPT @ Canterbury in Shakopee, MN in a couple of weeks, can't wait!
Comment from : jwilson1221

Adam Goldstein
This is awesome! I'm playing a tourney tonight at a Charity casino in New Hampshire. Will watch this again before.
Comment from : Adam Goldstein

Jackalope Music
I love this video. I subscribed instantly.
Comment from : Jackalope Music

Mark Llamas
idk. i don't like the way this guy teaches poker. takes wayyyyy too long. but he has good info. so thats why i watch some of his vids. Just hurry up dammit...
Comment from : Mark Llamas

Thanks for a great video Evan! I'm playing my first live tournament tomorrow. :)
Comment from : JasonV12

I only played 4 live ones this year and made the final table last two at a new poker room. What he said was true. Familiarity is a big one as I had played there before and finished 31/60 and was very uncomfortable but the 2nd time was much better. Relaxation or confidence...either is good. Having fun and being positive is the most important.
Comment from : RavenRuled

Steve Case
Going to play my first live tournament today, 50+20 at a local card club. Thanks for the tips!
Comment from : Steve Case

Engels Villar
great video
Comment from : Engels Villar

Matt The Drummer
Love this!
Comment from : Matt The Drummer

simple and usefulL, gj Bro!! Greeting from Québec, Canada!
Comment from : Parkwaymatt

Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis
replying to make this a top comment. Thanks michael!
Comment from : Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis

michael maiman
You did not mention keeping a poker log. After a year of keeping a log i won two live tourney's. One at Rio and one at Borgata. Total score $15,500. The log keeps you real about your results and i d's holes you can fill with books, videos or practice.
Comment from : michael maiman

Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis
thumbbbbs up!
Comment from : Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis

beast mode!!!!! haha, awesome shirt bro
Comment from : Shnoshk

Highly practical and awesome tips! Going to play tomorrow @ The Card Player in OK. The buy-in is 300+40. Thnx for the awesome tips and il keep u posted as to my results -peace
Comment from : TheGolfster3

sup evan ive played poker for the last year or so..but it wasnt till a couple of weeks ago that ive been really taking it serious and studying hard..i just finish reading a beginners strategy(FLHM) in a book im reading..and started practicing it.but now that u said theres more dead money in tournaments..i would like to study your MTT TOURNAMENT STRATEGY for live tournaments (i know nothing about MTTS)..would it be a bad move to study your mtt strategy while practicing the beginners strategy??.
Comment from : Fl1990Ow

@yhpypzt i really like to play tournaments, you should get started with a no deposit bonus. you can get 5 pounds from this poker site here >>> bit.ly/19tFk7k?=skyghe
Comment from : RocknRoll

If Jamie gold can win the Wsop main event than any fish can .
Comment from : Iamasuperuser123

A flight ticket to vegas is over $1500 from where I live. Too expensive. Im a low stakes player.
Comment from : Somero

Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis
wait...Magic is real!?
Comment from : Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis

~10:50 "incantations" are more like a magic spells. I believe the word your looking for is "affirmations".
Comment from : ekw555

Emily Srhoj
Boss !!
Comment from : Emily Srhoj

Mario Leal
Comment from : Mario Leal

Thank you!
Comment from : Arlindows

<3 ur shirts <3 <3
Comment from : SaleXchannel

You are the truth.
Comment from : Brettsparadox

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