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Jacq5918 K.
That’s not true! You can spend or used up all your money and still won’t get the jackpot. Slot machine is random, you will never know when you going to hit the jackpot. You can hit the jackpot early if you’re lucky or you can spend all day and all your money and still don’t get the jackpot. THAT’S THE REALITY. IT’S ALL PURE LUCK. YOU HAVE TO BE THERE AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME.
Comment from : Jacq5918 K.

Winner of a video, been searching for "video slot machines strategy" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Ziyillian Vocation Vanquisher - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.
Comment from : JOSE CABRERA

David Padilla
Slots do not have a hack button they cannot be set to win by any commission. I hope if u do gamble play for the big money 800000 or higher or simply your wasting time and money good luck I want to open up a business when I hit the Godzilla of jackpots.
Comment from : David Padilla

I wonder if this guy won any jackpots that he could write Home about?!
Comment from : kcuf7

a royal flush is expected once every 40,000 hands or so.
Comment from : r93

If you dont win a progressive, you lose money over time as they use part of the RTP to fund the progressive. ie. every dollar put in, 0.05c goes to progressive pot. As this calculates off the RTP, the longer you play, the more you will lose. Unless you hit the progressive. I stay away from them because I want to maximise my RTP and unless you are going to grind a progressive that you might not win, its not worth it. Just because you spent 12-16 hours a day for a week at a slot, doesn't mean it has to payout. In fact it usually has to take in 50x the total of the progressive before it will even think about releasing it.
Comment from : tehf00n

Cler On
Ok,I hope no one is dumb enough to fall for what this guy is saying in the video. Your going to have to invest 25% of the money to win???? this is based on a tiny sample of some one that got lucky. The amount of the jackpot or how many players are playing does not in any way increase your odds. The machine is also not set to an amount at which it will pay out when reached. Slot machines use a random number generator. If the odds are one in 100'000 than the jackpot will have its own number that will stay constant. for example 086'158. Your machine keeps calculating a random number at a rate of 1000 random numbers per second. When you hit the button then the machine grabs the number you stopped it at. If the number matches the jackpot number then you win the jackpot. This guy won 2 cars simply because he played a significant amount of spins and was extremely lucky. with what he invested he had less than 1% chance of winning. Yet he won 2 cars. That's luck. Over the next decade he will pay for those cars 8 times over confused why his strategy is not working. Good luck!
Comment from : Cler On

panzer waffen
i agree with this guy progressive machines pay constantly
Comment from : panzer waffen

16-18 hours a day that's a long time how do you hold your machine when you need to go to the restroom?
Comment from : SLOT FEVER

samuel pk
Every casino has loose slots. Find them. Your probability of winning is greater than other slots
they usually have them in high limit room.

Comment from : samuel pk

More like an "expert" of everything and a master of none
Comment from : Lostkiwi123

Michael Schofield
You'll never beat the slots! Only play for leisure if you have the bankroll.
Comment from : Michael Schofield

Another tip from a guy living in Las Vegas: Only gamble on weekends when there are a lot of people gambling. If you chose a group o machines use groups where there are at least two more people gambling. The more money comes in the higher the odds are you might hit a jackpot. And I have prove odds on those machines can be rigged by technicians. I´ve seen it!
Comment from : ZombieCruise

Nicholas A.
if someone won "28k" that would be the time i would leave. because they would think you would spend it back and walk out just like as you walked in with.. so they think we are dumb. lol
Comment from : Nicholas A.

Biz of Tech
@dbw16d Had my pilots license taken away for water ballooning a friends car from the cargo door.
Comment from : Biz of Tech

David williams
`Brandon can you fly a plane.... you just seem like a guy who has gotten flying lessons
Comment from : David williams

Brandon is a master of everything
Comment from : nobodypersonsomeone

Good video and some good knowledge for a lot of use heading into Vegas for CES for a week lol
Comment from : BWOne

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