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Mary Mande
Why it has to be a red woman to tell our stories when they really don't know nothing about us !!! Let a Black historian tell our stories and i,m sure the African ppl feel the same way !!!! DEMONS !!!
Comment from : Mary Mande

I want to meet a lady Pharaoh...
Comment from : beez.

Francine Laurin
Merci Timeline and Miss Fletcher for this excellent documentary ..one more item to cross on my bucket list (looking up *Nefertari*)..I did indeed missed my calling in life ..I wanted to become an Historian ..but my mémère convinced me I would do more good becoming a Social Worker ..besides she was paying for my studies (lol) ..Wonderfully presented &
🌌narrated!🌌 .. moi, canada 🇨🇦

Comment from : Francine Laurin

Tracy Phillips
We really need to put the divine female back on her throne where she belongs with her robes. Thank you for this beautiful portrait of our divine female ancestors. May the divine qualities arise in this reality quickly. Namaste
Comment from : Tracy Phillips

Domenic Localzo
Obvious feminists
Comment from : Domenic Localzo

Peaceful Warrior
You need to add more adverts, I kept getting interrupted by the documentary.
Comment from : Peaceful Warrior

Buddha's ChildTv
Thank you White lady for teaches us blacks African History about our ancestors much respect
Comment from : Buddha's ChildTv

Milly Ashby
And what I have spoken of is no joke and isn't a lie which I can pledge and swear an oath on thy Bible that this is thy truth Amen
Comment from : Milly Ashby

Milly Ashby
Now I have to be truly honest with all why this Leo DF woman is so drawn to this video of Egypt and the Pyramid and although I haven't been to Egypt or done any studies to do with Cleopatra or Egypt but oh boy I have witnessed and seen in a vision those remarkable signs on the inside of those stone walls and with these words spoken and written by me are thy honest truth as Heavenly Father our Saviour Jesus Christ and thy Holy Spirit are my witnesses and all this I have seen wasn't in a dream and now my intuition is telling me where my spiritual journey is taking me Amen
Comment from : Milly Ashby

Milly Ashby
What's amazing me at this moment is while at school in my days I never did any studies on Egypt or anything to do with Cleopatra or Egypt but I do feel something very strong and I'm not interested in this lady talking in this video it's what I'm feeling mmmm
Comment from : Milly Ashby

Milly Ashby
Honestly I don't know what keeps drawing me to this video to do with Egypt about all I know it's got something to do with those Pyramids because every night I see a Pyramid in the Stars oh boy and at this very moment while watching this video I feel it strongly cause I feel it in my chest and heart chakra
Comment from : Milly Ashby

Ruhul Islam
Thank you Madam for making this video with so much information about history.
I'm really excited to see more you.

Comment from : Ruhul Islam

Allysah Sales
I want to time travel and become invisible and take down every single detail to know what really happened😒 cuz i get confused in different people's side of story about every thing in ancient Egypt
Comment from : Allysah Sales

Charles Taylor
And it only take three generations to change a race!
Comment from : Charles Taylor

Living in China
I got more confused watching this! Nice try thou
Comment from : Living in China

Riley Tuplin
Do the curtains match the drapes?
Comment from : Riley Tuplin

Ber P.
If she wasn't such a dickhater, she would be good
Comment from : Ber P.

Tesfanesh fitsum Atsbha
All the look ,jewelry and clothes of those women is found now in current Ethiopia
Comment from : Tesfanesh fitsum Atsbha

Laila Bee
Look at these noses. You ppl should be ashamed!
Comment from : Laila Bee

Stan Pilev
first words i heard and i'm out. 6000 years? seriously?
Comment from : Stan Pilev

cerebral S O U P
That all black outfit topped with the red hair and black umbrella... powerful
Comment from : cerebral S O U P

Michael Carlow
I watched the entire video in the hopes of picking up some knowledge previously unknown to myself. Instead of knowledge, though, I got a lot of femminist stupidity based upon the perceptions of a modern woman who, for some reason. is getting it all out of context. Either she is deliberately mixing things up or she is incompetent.
Comment from : Michael Carlow

Queen Cali
They love trying to rewrite history 😂🤣
Comment from : Queen Cali

Ancient Egyptians were black
Comment from : xero80

history made like gossip
Comment from : thefatren

Ocean Of Success
They will teach if but will never mention the race. These Egyptians are BLACK.
Comment from : Ocean Of Success

I thought arsinoe was cleopatras younger sister? That cleopatra later on had murdered 🤷🏽‍♂️
Comment from : MannyTheKid

Computer User
The egyptians respected their women unlike the hebrews and their patriarchal society.
Comment from : Computer User

Owen Thai
Comment from : Owen Thai

wind flow
How do we know that any of this info is correct? Sometimes I wonder how true the stories are cause they find more and the whole story changes.
Comment from : wind flow

Jake Toffen
Does she look in the mirror before she leaves the house? God someome get her a comb
Comment from : Jake Toffen

تحتمس الثالث
I am Egyptian
Comment from : تحتمس الثالث

Targeted Individual
the part where they talked about Heteperes being carried on the seat made me cry because if you picture ancient egypt at that time and seen the mother being carried like that ....I dont see anything that authentic today. that's so beautiful
Comment from : Targeted Individual

RAZA Tahir
Maybu because her husband followed the teachings of prophet Joseph PBUH she did not liked to have him in her last resting place as we can see she is still wearing snake crown.
Comment from : RAZA Tahir

Dennis Robertson
When did Susan Boyle become an archaeologist ?
Comment from : Dennis Robertson

Nano Vahidy
Amazing how each civilization replaces another in grandeur, power and importance through the ages, with some existing simultaneously. What would our take be on these past governments as opposed to what we have now? Trust the devils we don’t know or the devils we do?
Comment from : Nano Vahidy

Daniel Green
Interesting. Passionate northern lass. Good programme. Only annoying thing she said was the pyramid was a kufu's tomb...which it certainly was not.
Comment from : Daniel Green

Katherine Yahu
Comment from : Katherine Yahu

she might be funny and witty, but it's all MSM lies and BS!
Comment from : Soski

WiseOWL 2019
black suit seems like something a witch would wear
Comment from : WiseOWL 2019

Richard Roe
lol ginger in the sun
Comment from : Richard Roe

FGM awarness page
Ancient Egyptians were black and brown skinned advanced race
Comment from : FGM awarness page

Gypsy Gypsy
Isn't anyone wondering about why Egypt is mostly stolen riches and history by Northerners??? J.s.
And how is the professor not melting in that heat?

Comment from : Gypsy Gypsy

Jeremy Mettler
Scales balance just with injust sure you already know everything seen told shown sure . Everybody guessed Know many ways many different things in life guess know defend guess refuse to look yet see all know demand they right refuse truth injust dishonest untrue defending lies as truth
Comment from : Jeremy Mettler

Natanya Aberra
Cleopatra was not Egyptian, she was Greek/Macedonian.
Comment from : Natanya Aberra

Immortici Italiano
What kind of weak civilization would give women power
Comment from : Immortici Italiano

More rarities

Comment from : shwat2013

Penned Ideas
Dear professor, how do you comment on the possibility that some artifacts might be even older than 6000 years?
Comment from : Penned Ideas

Charlotte Berry
This lady is terrific! My world history teacher told us things that were not in our books, and we wrote the info in our book. He had traveled to many places, especially Egypt. We had a test every other day, and on a six weeks test, I forgot to take the book home to study. His teaching was so good that I didn,’t miss one question! World History was my favorite class. I was hoping to hear about Nefertiti, another Egyptian beauty.
Comment from : Charlotte Berry

Talia H
Too many ads.
Comment from : Talia H

Nate Pitts
Those our ancient Africans kings and queens FYI
Comment from : Nate Pitts

I dunno I find all the movement obnoxious. Also; let's be real. The only reason any female has power is because men allow it. Look at countries that don't allow it.

You want power? It starts by respecting men and not putting them down.

Comment from : TacoGravy

Brown Sugabay
when their nose is broken ridiculous!
Comment from : Brown Sugabay

Andrew Burton
I already loved Egypt as a mother load of African culture, history and knowledge. And I was already aware of the existence and achievements of several Egyptian Queens like Hatshepsut and Cleopatra (even the the ladder wasn't a native Egyptian, but still impressive nonetheless).

But this documentary gave me even more information in a way that is truly breathtaking. I love learning about the burried history of the African people. I say that as an African American.

Comment from : Andrew Burton

Mario Tater
From your name Patton sr I know who you are. N how you think black man n woman is the parents of civilization fool n upset cas you can’t change it ☮️
Comment from : Mario Tater

Royallamonique gsrsrxtct
Here I am
Comment from : Royallamonique gsrsrxtct

Phyllis Neal
"Final resting place of Kufu!". No❗ Not much of a scholar if she doesn't know that.
Comment from : Phyllis Neal

Mario Tater
You all are fooled she is brain washing you all cas you all can’t tell difference cas you all don’t have information on the history she narrating on the base of white supremacy she says the white mixed female queen was the greatest over Nefertiti n cleopatra please
Comment from : Mario Tater

R3dang3l26 R3d
Cleopatra was not one of them great women
Comment from : R3dang3l26 R3d

nealanilove life
Can't stand these stupid ads.🖕🖕🖕
Comment from : nealanilove life

chala mohammed
They love telling other people in history
Comment from : chala mohammed

chala mohammed
Once again you asking the wrong motherfuking question where are the noses and why their nose look discolored almost like been replaced
Comment from : chala mohammed

Mario Tater
Islam please fool you have no idea your entire mind is conquered Islam is just not even a thousand yrs old you fool Egypt is timeless
Comment from : Mario Tater

Andre Gough
Comment from : Andre Gough

Romeo Tango
No one cares about the “great woman”, the great man is the greatest
Comment from : Romeo Tango

Tyler Hicks 2
Interesting, I must say....I want ancient Egypt back who’s with me?
Comment from : Tyler Hicks 2

Dan Jakeway
They're Vietnamese. Get them back to work. It's what they enjoy doing.
Comment from : Dan Jakeway

Hidden Woodsben
the docu is good and i tend to like the Prof, but her feminaziing is really exhausting.
Comment from : Hidden Woodsben

Mariana Lux
Great ♥️♥️♥️
Comment from : Mariana Lux

Haywood Hall
Y the schools didnt teach this or show this vídeo
Comment from : Haywood Hall

Haywood Hall
Remember moses was Blk 2
Comment from : Haywood Hall

Haywood Hall
Thats our history not the White lady history
Comment from : Haywood Hall

Haywood Hall
The Hebrews Israelites aka Blk ppl Did that
Comment from : Haywood Hall

Haywood Hall
Comment from : Haywood Hall

Comment from : YNB-Foxyy

Laura Baker
Fantastic! Very moving. Will definitely be watching this again.
Comment from : Laura Baker

Nugget of Truth - Eric King
I really enjoyed this. Thanks
Comment from : Nugget of Truth - Eric King

dre ski
i read about her when i was in H.S. They said she wore battle armor and led her men into battle dressed as a man.
Comment from : dre ski

Long Life
Why do all the old statues have their nose knocked off. The recent looking ones look very suspect as well. As if they are just making bust now and passing them off as original
Comment from : Long Life

Bruno Zousa
Comment from : Bruno Zousa

Caitlyne Benham
Arsinoe deserves so much more respect , and time in the ancient studies .
Comment from : Caitlyne Benham

Queen Bee
Give me a break, feminist agenda jammed down my throat... Unwatchable.
Comment from : Queen Bee

Rolanda Brooks
Egyptian Queens were black with big noses, not pointy noses...
Comment from : Rolanda Brooks

Rolanda Brooks
The women on those coins are not Cleopatra, that is some English woman...
Comment from : Rolanda Brooks

Sow Samba
We all know that ancien Egypt was black!
How did Egypt became Arab in our days..?

Comment from : Sow Samba

Shaun Jenkins
you notice the noses are broken off the cover up Black History!
Comment from : Shaun Jenkins

I love this Professor her passion is infectious her joy too.

Abir Ahmed
I feel like these woman is a pure feminist because of the way she talks
Comment from : Abir Ahmed

Abdulkadir Ahmad
queen caraweelo land of punt
Comment from : Abdulkadir Ahmad

Tammy Bettiga
So thankful for this not playing loud music...that you can't hear her...
Comment from : Tammy Bettiga

Robert Williams
It's about time someone shed some light on black history, the land of HAM has so many mysteries that are untold. She also talks about the takeover by the greeks
Comment from : Robert Williams

A documentary about the ugly face of an ugly british woman, that's what you see during most of this.
Comment from : rxjimen

RTwo Squared
Good information except that she seems to be pushing the narrative that ancient Egypt is 4500 years old. Maybe I am wrong here? But we know now that the Egyptians just reused and remodel structures that were already there! These ruins predate the ancient Egyptians as we know them by 5 or 8 thousand years!! Sounds like they were Just pushing the mainstream agenda again.
Comment from : RTwo Squared

Fredd Bricks
I better see a bunch of Black people or im giving a thumbs down. (KEMET)
Comment from : Fredd Bricks

David Jones
We're forgetting one important thing about these QUEEN'S they were AFRICANS
Comment from : David Jones

Kim Uvat
Nefertari tomb is incredible
Comment from : Kim Uvat

Ms. Nohotyoga
Why all black with a black umbrella in the desert?
Comment from : Ms. Nohotyoga

What if she just straight up couldn't walk 11:50
Comment from : Nat

She even walk w drip💧. I wanna be her when I grow up
Comment from : Linet

Expose Evil
They are androgonus beings LOOK UP THOTH BEING ONE
Comment from : Expose Evil

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