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Rolando Rodriguez
I can across a good collection of videos that will help on card crusher fixer
Comment from : Rolando Rodriguez

Jim Karsner
I’ve played mostly live cash but I’m wanting to start playing tournaments. Does anyone know of any good content that touches of the difference in strategy.
Comment from : Jim Karsner

Nikos Pothos
there is one comment in poker videos thats ALWAYS somewhere in the comment section

You need to understand everything you do at the poker conveys information....

Comment from : Nikos Pothos

Kieran Czyzniejewski
5-4-3-2-1 spade? Straight Flush!
Comment from : Kieran Czyzniejewski

Kay Harvey
I've been researching how to play poker games and discovered an awesome resource at card crusher fixer (look it up on google)
Comment from : Kay Harvey

Davies Sidney
Anybody else obsessed with Maria Ho's hands. She has really beautiful hands.
Comment from : Davies Sidney

Darryl Miller
weaker opponents
Comment from : Darryl Miller

A Mdz
I would take advice from Maria ho anyday.. if I ever wanted 3 mentors in this game she would be 1 of them without a doubt. Keep up the good work Maria one day you will be a living legend!
Comment from : A Mdz

Tax Free Productions
Sup ho
Comment from : Tax Free Productions

Awesome Liberal
I would tongue punch Phil Helmuth's hairy and mole infested fart box for 60 seconds of dry humping your leg......!
Comment from : Awesome Liberal

Justin Tran
Does she win anything?? Every time I watch her, she’s in finals tables but she never plays just sit there and fold everything
Comment from : Justin Tran

She can play with my short stack
Comment from : Adam

Hiram Cassar
Step 6: don't be a ho.
Comment from : Hiram Cassar

Dirty Dish
Commentator Pro Dirty Dish's Top 5 Strategy Tips for Video Clip Commenting:

1. Pigeonhole player based on one hand played out of entire career.
2. Focus highly on looks/appearance if gender is female.
3. Reference sub-par/worn out jokes based player's last name.
4. Go with snark. Tried and true.
5. If all else fails, you could resort to talking about the video content.

Comment from : Dirty Dish

Nathan Murray
“Make sure to fold top set on the flop”
Comment from : Nathan Murray

Great tips Maria!!!
Comment from : KODAGAMES

Joe Ruiz
I rather she her naked! 😁😀
Comment from : Joe Ruiz

Lu Kro
these tips were great in 2011^^ reshoving with JT wirth 20 bb really depends on your positiion and your opponent. its not a good tip in general :-) reads are not that important especially in torunaments with 30bb or less...
Comment from : Lu Kro

rule no. 6 dont let yourself get distracted by beautiful women on the table
Comment from : matuopm

Βητα Ισοβιτης
Tip #1 Fold flopped sets
Comment from : Βητα Ισοβιτης

Coin Collector
You need to understand everything you do at the poker conveys information....
Comment from : Coin Collector

Cristian Micu
i cant believe this was posted in 2017

maria ho, you should see how degenerate agressive is every online tourney when approaching bubble and on the bubble. your advice is old news

Comment from : Cristian Micu

Julian Ruvalcaba
She lost all credibility when she folded a set on the flop. Can't take her serious
Comment from : Julian Ruvalcaba

Mister Nit Poker
Fakeup is getting thicker everyday.
Comment from : Mister Nit Poker

Smug Smugly
Never look at your cards twice. It shows that it was off suit and low. You can't remember them easily like a pair or A K
Comment from : Smug Smugly

ShowBiz Sean
How to make money at poker

1)Dont play

Most Important rule of poker


Important to remember about poker

Your a loser if your doing it for a living and most likely broke


Comment from : ShowBiz Sean

It just like the best Chess player the average player are just following the principles, but for the best players every move have a SPECIFIC purpose. The mind of the best poker players are proccessing information without stop they pick up everything
Comment from : Lekestue

peter jones
i sat next to her for 2 days at WPT poker tournement, outplayed her in so many hands...lets just say im good with them Ho's
Comment from : peter jones

squid master101
Step 6 use Maria's last name to confuse the whole casino including commentators.
Comment from : squid master101

Cousin Jimmy Farha
Tip 1: Fold sets on wet boards; too risky.
Comment from : Cousin Jimmy Farha

ct offcel
they should rename this game texas suck-out.skill will keep you around but luck will win it.
Comment from : ct offcel

Easy Kimpin
Yes you are
Comment from : Easy Kimpin

Jays Raps4eva
anybody who takes poker advice from a female should have their heads examined
Comment from : Jays Raps4eva

Thx Maria... Always a good idea to re-focus on these concepts before tournament play... 😎 👍
Comment from : Randwulf

Traci Mckenna
so pretty and smart :-)
Comment from : Traci Mckenna

John Stetak
“Jack ten suited is not far behind ace x.” Someone hasn’t done the math on starting hands.
Comment from : John Stetak

Shayne Sim
Great advice thanks Maria
Comment from : Shayne Sim

Cognac Dreams
Comment from : Cognac Dreams

Robert Thompson
Thanks Marie I will take your advice
Comment from : Robert Thompson

I've seen her fold a set on flop so she doesn't have much credibility with me.
Comment from : Dave

Would smash. Sry
Comment from : Marko

Step 6 fold flopped sets
Comment from : Chris

Bob Googlin
Ho is right. She done throated every pro poker player on the circuit...
Comment from : Bob Googlin

Joe Morris
Free Gambling guides inbound: gamblingguides1.blogspot.com/

Watch this space for the best gambling guides around!

Comment from : Joe Morris

jim bob
Comment from : jim bob

Mike AtGoogle
Seems like very good strategic advice from a pro.
Comment from : Mike AtGoogle

At the tables I don't see male or female. Just players.
Players are good now these days. Off course there are still noobs,but for the most part,
The only players I watch and try to learn and copy.
Are Maria Ho and Phil Ivey.

Comment from : Bostonmiggy20

Rampage Prophet
Talk about beginner ass shit.
Comment from : Rampage Prophet

Mark W
Music sucks and too loud!
Comment from : Mark W

unknown territory
she puts on way to much make up now she looks weird
Comment from : unknown territory

festive mush
Where did you sample that beat from at 2:20?
Comment from : festive mush

Diesel Matthew
Step 6:Be hot and distract other poker players
Comment from : Diesel Matthew

I would Marry this woman
Comment from : DIRTBIKEBOY8000

Morad Afkir
she suckt my dick last year at the Ept i like this girl she knows how to treat a dick
Comment from : Morad Afkir

M Strut
1) Get staked
Comment from : M Strut

Keep uploading great video!
Comment from : YourHandSucks

Harley Quinn
"Where the antes are and how big the blinds are." Shouldn't it be the other way around? :D But great video!
Comment from : Harley Quinn

Great video great advice except maybe number 2...I understand not playing scared but icm is a factor to be a profitable player you need more cashes than top three wins
Comment from : MadDogMerlin

Comment from : TheBishop12

Kevin H
Comment from : Kevin H

Andy Hines
she has a great rack
Comment from : Andy Hines

Great video, thanks!
Comment from : entrepello

Paul Thompson
Comment from : Paul Thompson

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