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Tournaments are a crap way to start off in poker.
Comment from : jacktaylor3001

Milán Nagy
I have to know the background song. Please end my misery.
Comment from : Milán Nagy

Alan T.
When the blind reaches 100 and 200 I want to know what he means by trading out the green for black? Giving all blacks for the greens? Or the value just of the green raises
Comment from : Alan T.

Chris'n'Vlad Translations
Do u always have to have one person that doesnt play and distribute the cards?
Comment from : Chris'n'Vlad Translations

Trade Gator
$25 fine for playing cash poker in AR. Idk who makes these laws but it's truly the stupidest thing I have ever heard of in my life.
Comment from : Trade Gator

Watch This
Purple is $500, almost always.....blue is usually $10 or a High Roller chip like 5K ect
the rest are right though

Comment from : Watch This

Just get chips, a quality deck and poker buttons. That'd be a better explanation xd
Comment from : plasticcinema

Squash Head
I used to have a ring of friends who would have poker tourney a couple times a month. We would take turns at each others house. Damn those were the days. Now everyone is married has kids or moved on in life.
Comment from : Squash Head

Ben E. MacLeod
If I want to host a four hours long poker game with four players, can I use the same recipe ? Since I have half the player but want it to last double the time ?
Comment from : Ben E. MacLeod

This is for tournament poker. Probably the worst to learn and play for beginners.
Comment from : jacktaylor3001

Forget the chips the poker table design was sick
Comment from : viewmaster617

Jack Bowe
What poker chips are those?
Comment from : Jack Bowe

Manuel Espinoza
Those chips are nice. Which ones are they
Comment from : Manuel Espinoza

Jared Cipak
When playing at home let's say for $20 per person. Do you just give artificial denominations to the chips or do you give them actual values like 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, etc..? I wanna play and give the chips fake values so it keeps it simple and winner takes all.
Comment from : Jared Cipak

Logie Bear
Wish I could host one but got no space in house :(
Comment from : Logie Bear

Chris Martin
how about.. you get chips with denominations on them. then you dont have to look stupid looking at a piece of paper wondering how much a chip is.
Comment from : Chris Martin

Ioannis Parliaros
thanks, very useful
Comment from : Ioannis Parliaros

Taylor Esposito
2:21pmI really like the poker chips and playing cards. My question is where can I get the poker chips and playing cards?
Comment from : Taylor Esposito

Logie Bear
Or what about 10,000 chips?

25c (GREEN): 12*25=300
100c (BLACK): 12*100=1,200
500c (BLUE): 7*500=3,500
1,000c (YELLOW): 5*1,000=5,000


So if you're playing a 10-player game. Youll need 360 chips (120 Green, 120 Black, 70 Blue and 50 Yellow)

Plus you'll need extra to colour-up too

120 green=30 extra black=150 total black
150 black=30 extra blue=100 total blue
100 blue=50 extra yellow=100 total yellow

In total 470 chips (120+150+100+100)
If you want you can have 5,000c chips (Orange) but you'll need at least 20 for a 10 player game (100 yellow=20 orange)

So if you wanna buy a set of poker chips for your home game. Make sure you buy a 500 piece set in this configuration :)

Comment from : Logie Bear

Milani & Asociados bodegas por mayoreo
can you please tell me what poker chip brand weight your using in this video? what do you recommend? @ Poker Listings
Comment from : Milani & Asociados bodegas por mayoreo

Marwan El-Ayouti
Great vid! The song in the background is epic. What is it called?
Comment from : Marwan El-Ayouti

wow, a lot of good tips in short time.
Comment from : Chris

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