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May I ask where you got the chips...? Was it that Russian site? There's not enough info on them so I'm a bit scared to buy from them but the designs look awesome... -WintermintP
Comment from : WintermintP

David Golphin jr
Bloods Knock off all the judges using the drug trade, David is TA all names in the Universe
Comment from : David Golphin jr

I'm researching poker secrets and found a great resource at Card Crusher Fixer (check it out on google)
Comment from : Jomana

Annkiit Talwar
Comment from : Annkiit Talwar

Giacomo  Ala
Where did you get those chips?please
Comment from : Giacomo Ala

7 2. I wouldn't even see the flop
Comment from : travis

Great vid. I would have been guilty of Uno handling.
Comment from : Patinaz

Joe Dawg
Dude I broke every single rule on your video when i played live. Lol.
Comment from : Joe Dawg

Ok but what if you are in a live game and your cards at the start and you get up to go toilet and whilst you in there the hand you folded on has finished but you haven't come back from the toilet yet what happens to your go, Do you just miss that hand or does the dealer puts in the blinds or something while you are gone? I Hope that makes sense.
Comment from : MAVERICK 42

SaiGanesh Reddy
Really Helpful👌
I remember you When i first Visit Live Poker Thanks Mate🤗😘

Comment from : SaiGanesh Reddy

Kid Barber
Was that a pool table 🎱🎱🎱
Comment from : Kid Barber

Ardeshir Yousefi
It was a nice video
Comment from : Ardeshir Yousefi

Austin Brunette
Were did you get the poker chips
Comment from : Austin Brunette

What chips are you using in the vid and where could I get them?
Comment from : Javier

Cheshire Cat
The Russian layed out the chips like that in the movie rounders because it was part of the point that it's his table and he can do whatever the f**khe wants 😂
Comment from : Cheshire Cat

i wish they had like a practise table or like low bet table at casino near me so i could try it out without losing all of my money in the first blind lol.
Comment from : Eagles_Eye

Azure the DJ fox
The part I wish I knew before I played is the dealer button I looked like a rookie a because I didn't know what it was for
Comment from : Azure the DJ fox

NEVER just throw your hand until you see the other hands in the bet...If I had 10 dollars for every fucked muck I'd own youtube...:)...Take your time, but not too much, try to make a decision within 10 seconds, Be a good loser and a winner... Poker is a gentleman's game not an EXTREME sport...Respect everyone at the table and you'll be respected back...Doyle Brunson is one of the best players to study...Good luck to all and may your aces win all their races...:)
Comment from : ROB-IN-PHILLY

Fernaldy Berstain
Thanks! Now im ready to lose money!
Comment from : Fernaldy Berstain

Sean Hoade
This was very helpful, thank you!
Comment from : Sean Hoade

Silent Swordsman
why is the one chip rule even a thing? That's so dumb, obviously it is a raise.
Comment from : Silent Swordsman

TheSpartanGnome слов'янський
can you tell me where you got those chips from?
Comment from : TheSpartanGnome слов'янський

Rick Singleterry
So the person who gets called needs to show their hand? That was kind of confusing.
Comment from : Rick Singleterry

Ananda Mañana
I never used a card protector before but I just had a game where the dealer took my hand when I did not fold; not in word or deed. I never touched them. I was pissed at first but they were mucked so fast, there was nothing I could do. Then the board came and felt better about it!
Thanks. I will use one from now on.

Comment from : Ananda Mañana

Ashfaq Sheikh
What is the right time to quit playing? Is it OK to leave the table after winning a big pot?
Comment from : Ashfaq Sheikh

where can i buy these chips?
Comment from : GamingSchubi

TasTy GaminG
Great video
Comment from : TasTy GaminG

Ms Linda
I ask my opponent to show his cards not because I'm being a douchebag, but because that's how I collect information about my opponent's playing style after I win one pot after another :)
Comment from : Ms Linda

Fatally Fresh
For all the idiots that don't know how to use Google, here are the poker chips and where to buy them seeing how he refuses to reply to the comments. shoptourismkit.com/products/ept-ceramic-poker-chips-best-quality-poker-stars-professional-chips-european-poker-tour-chips-5pcs?utm_source=Click&utm_medium=Channel&utm_campaign=Google_CA&ref=SFDR_196104888&variant=36455418433&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkr3J2Ime3gIVklqGCh1gbwXfEAYYASABEgKYcfD_BwE
Comment from : Fatally Fresh

nelly j
+steveanders86 I have spent months researching how to play poker games and found a fantastic website at card crusher fixer (check it out on google)
Comment from : nelly j

will B
ifyou bluff someone off their hand and win the pot do you have to show your hand...is it bad manners not too even if they didnt call you?
Comment from : will B

Zurtron D
Umm, lol at 9:40 a full house of three dueces and a a pair of sevens beats a 3 of a kind, despite the type
Comment from : Zurtron D

Where did you got theses chips ? :O
Comment from : Lasvigne

Quân Lê
hey ,if anyone else trying to find out poker secrets tips try card crusher fixer (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my co-worker got cool success with it.
Comment from : Quân Lê

Kos Leo
15:12 there is no poker player alive in live poker scene who will say "why did I play this hand? I am a bad player" lolol
Comment from : Kos Leo

Can you make your own change from the existing pot if you call your bet beforehand? Ex, $2,300 bet with $2,500 chips.....snag $200 on your own to make change? Anyone? Tnx

Comment from : death1stalker

Johnny Cheese
First time playing live poker? You need over 10k in chips! LOL!
Comment from : Johnny Cheese

Austin Best
During your step on how to stack chips, you should of stated that your big chips need to be visible so other players wont think your trying to angle shoot
Comment from : Austin Best

Um what about before you start playing? I know that you have to do various sign ups before the host will seat you at a table but am a little fuzzy on the details.
Comment from : RememberRobbyKrieger

If i throw in a single chip , lets say the 5 k one , and say "3k raise" , do i get 2k from the dealer back or does the chip drop in value , which would be super retarded
Comment from : Schmidt

I agree with 99% of what you said except one thing. A pet peeve of mine is when players hide their big chips at the bottom of their stack. Big chips should always be front and center in the stack.
Comment from : Apotheosis

Sina Omidi
Thank you for the informative video
Comment from : Sina Omidi

José Luis
where can I get those poker chips?

btw, it's not ok to have your your big chips at the bottom, they should be on top so other players can easily see them

Comment from : José Luis

Patrick Moloney
Those chips are sexy af
Comment from : Patrick Moloney

Where did you get your chips from and how much did they cost?
Comment from : Bas

Vítězslav Mader
Verry usefull vid. :) Thank you !
Comment from : Vítězslav Mader

Am I the only person who thinks this guys an asshole for thinking the first time a person would gotto the casino they'd be gambling with thousands of dollars.
Comment from : Dabad

teddy KGB is the guy that splashes the pot in his own underground card club in rounders
Comment from : Beanmachine91

sküll düggery
could you do a video on proper ways to handle your chips when you bet, call or raise. for example, when you bet and someone re raises you, is it best to pull back the chips you've already bet and put in the total amount of the re raise or do you just add the difference from the re raise? or maybe it doesn't matter?
Comment from : sküll düggery

Shingo Shoji
where did u get those chips
Comment from : Shingo Shoji

Reda Elhana
Annoying, this guy speaks broken English, asl
Comment from : Reda Elhana

Ray Cikota
His name was Teddy KGB and in his casino he can splash the pot when ever the f*ck he pleases hahaha
Comment from : Ray Cikota

"-and in my club, I will plash the pot venever the fak I pleaze!"
Comment from : WitchHunter93

splashing the pot would get you a whoopin
Comment from : Beanmachine91

where do you find card backs like that?
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Luis Trevino
Where do you buy these chips
Comment from : Luis Trevino

In rounders, the guy splashing the pot like that was intentional and remember it was his casino. His illegal underground casino, pretty sure he could splash the pot all he wanted and was playing mind games
Comment from : nosearchwarrant

The button dosent go last its the big blind
Comment from : chuyfromsalas

Christian Tassler
it was not gaelle bauman but just some random french female player :P
Comment from : Christian Tassler

Dont throw your cards, like dont do the helicopter cards thing, and if they paid to see your hand just show it, its not a douche bag move to ask someone to play by the rules
Comment from : fadedflage

Fabian Pyka
i dont remember her name but it wasnt baumann who´s cards were accidentally mucked by the dealer
Comment from : Fabian Pyka

Dan Jones
You should also talk about the etiquette at the table, I.e. Buying in, when to talk about your hand, speaking in English at the table, one hand per player and one player per hand. Stuff like that.
Comment from : Dan Jones

Yea got annoyed at that one chip rule, forgot about it when I wanted to raise hehe
Comment from : TheGreatslyfer

Cass Tan
very useful video! thanks
Comment from : Cass Tan

john smith
The first thing you online players need to know is that the live players are going to kick your lame asses. Go back to your Mama's basement and stay out of the casino -- that's where real poker players go.
Comment from : john smith

What kind of chips are those? Also love the cards. Can you link me em'?
Comment from : MaRu

Nikolai Taule
01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111
Comment from : Nikolai Taule

Cool video man. I just went to a casino poker room for the first time last night and was definitely a little nervous and intimidated. I've played online poker before and poker in person with family and friends but I did make a few novice mistakes at first. I didn't know what the small blind/ big blind was when it was my turn and it was really embarrassing to ask. I also got yelled at by the dealer for "splashing the pot" when I threw my chips into the pile in the middle. Other than that I had a great time and won $69.
Comment from : raxmarrone

If I call a river bet, and the opponent throws away their hand quickly (like the 7 2 you show), do I have to show my hand before I win the pot? I've heard conflicting opinions on that.
Comment from : schwarzblatt

you should add: If you fold your hand and there is still action, don't talk about your hand. I see that a lot from new players; they love to talk about what they folded when the turn and river finally hit the hand they just mucked.
Comment from : steveanders86

Jimmy Recard
where did you get the chip set and the decks?
Comment from : Jimmy Recard

fahad specnia
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Comment from : fahad specnia

Jon Commons
6m57s It was Estelle Denis who had the Aces mucked. Nice video anyway :-)
Comment from : Jon Commons

John Mack
reply please
Comment from : John Mack

John Mack
Comment from : John Mack

John Mack
Hi, which website did you buy your chips from? and your cards as well...
Comment from : John Mack

Brad Wyman
Teddy KGB!
Comment from : Brad Wyman

Depending on the casino just throwing in raising chips and not saying anything will get people upset thinking it was a call. Usually you should say "raise" if the dynamic of the table is using that "rule".
Comment from : pfcjulius

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