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Angel Landero
Great video! Love your reactions and commentary
Comment from : Angel Landero

The Noob


Comment from : The Noob

Justin Rose
5:59 “fuc4 yeah one more bonus”
Comment from : Justin Rose

Miguel Tello
Omg. You sound so differently compared to recent vidz
Comment from : Miguel Tello

Boo Flores
So cute
Comment from : Boo Flores

Catalina Esquibel
I used to win on the Batman and Robin version like this all the time, never knew they had Catwoman and Batgirl! Have to keep my eye out for it here in Cali! Awesome wins 😊
Comment from : Catalina Esquibel

I got excited watching this great game. Wish they had this game in Indiana
Comment from : JeromeJdubbJackson

Laura Egbert
Comment from : Laura Egbert

Joshua Moore
Wow, nice wins😋😆
Comment from : Joshua Moore

Tiffany Santiago
What casino is this in? I see a gremlins game right next to it
Comment from : Tiffany Santiago

J Tyson
Awesome win on 🔥!!
Comment from : J Tyson

Paul Kazanjian
Why do you have 701 dislikes?????? Whats going on here?
Comment from : Paul Kazanjian

Dr. Marcon Censoni Lima
Batgirl ? No .. Slotlady !!
Comment from : Dr. Marcon Censoni Lima

That smile tho!!!!!
Comment from : BigMR261

Dave Hardman
What a professional entertainment. Aswell sarah xx
Comment from : Dave Hardman

Wow great win! I love the old batman tv show and have played this one many times but never won anything! Was this at the Cosmopolitan?
Comment from : justice4all72

Scott Powell
I could marry you we would have so much fun in the casino ❤️ your beautiful
Comment from : Scott Powell

Charles Santiago
Lol..."ooh, YEAH, $U@$ YEAH!!!" 🤔🤗😲 the you are beautiful in the Most simple and classical way, with the "sailor" potty mouth.... "you're killing me smalls"!! Lol Awesome energy, great content for what it is, thank you.
Comment from : Charles Santiago

Hello.. I would like 2 knw if you play with your card?
Comment from : LAZY GIRL

Patrick Potter
Is this 2.50 spins or 250$
Comment from : Patrick Potter

niceeee vid
Comment from : MerkurStar

robert Guyon
I literally laugh every time I hear the oh fuck yeah 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : robert Guyon

She cashed out at $901.57 that's really good i wish i could hit something like that
Comment from : TheRealDevilDog

Lagos Fury
Julie Newmar was great!!..Google it,lol
Comment from : Lagos Fury

Jim Ellison
LOVED IT............. YOU were BETTER OFF NOT getting the SPIN!!!!!!!
Comment from : Jim Ellison

Chad Schreiner
Nice win
Comment from : Chad Schreiner

Stu Deitcher
How much did you start with (7000 credits??)
How much is this machine a .25 or a .50 or a 1.00??? 7000 credits at .25 is 1750. Big bucks to sink into a slot machine to start with. Most would like to leave with that much.

Comment from : Stu Deitcher

The Kurt's Place Channel
Very nice video and fun to watch. Have a nice day.
Comment from : The Kurt's Place Channel

Shelly Atkins
Comment from : Shelly Atkins

Daniel Grant
First time in vegas soon definitely will be hitting the slots
Comment from : Daniel Grant

Fernando Rodriguez
Awesome game <3
Comment from : Fernando Rodriguez

John Garcia
That Batman jackpot was a sweet hit
Comment from : John Garcia

bernie udo
So happy to see you win! Your videos are funny. You do show all sides of gaming (gambling)...wins & yes...losses. Want to make money? Property & blue chip equities. Slots are a difficult means to make money. JMHO
Comment from : bernie udo

Sweet win my love....super congrats...jim in NY

Comment from : Top21z

Jesus Piña
You're beautiful. Good luck hermosa
Comment from : Jesus Piña

Comment from : JASON BUTZ

Slotlady, I love you ❤️
Comment from : Pequin1000

Den 5 Angel's.
It's the raw and uncut sarah. Lol. Eff bombs and all. Lmao. I like it!!!! Subscribed because of this video.
Comment from : Den 5 Angel's.

Lucas D'Antonio di Vito
Comment from : Lucas D'Antonio di Vito

Lucas D'Antonio di Vito
Comment from : Lucas D'Antonio di Vito

Lucas D'Antonio di Vito
Comment from : Lucas D'Antonio di Vito

Lucas D'Antonio di Vito
Comment from : Lucas D'Antonio di Vito

mohammed el fezzazi
Comment from : mohammed el fezzazi

Safari Dafap
que hermosa mujer :3
Comment from : Safari Dafap

123456 123
Slot lady i love you 😛
Comment from : 123456 123

Michael Sanchez
And she was a cutie! I
Comment from : Michael Sanchez

Z Heart
Lets go travel on cruise !
Comment from : Z Heart

Wa Tung
Very lucky u😂
Comment from : Wa Tung

Ana Conda
I never play these type of machines because they never give a lot and its so hard to get the bonus
Comment from : Ana Conda

Don't know why after watching this video, I am envisioning you in that "Cat Woman" mask.....lol Any chance???
Comment from : sleuthdm

Uncle Rudy
Nice Run ! Uncle Rudy
Comment from : Uncle Rudy

pablo rodriguez
You are very sexy
You welcome in Morocco bb

Comment from : pablo rodriguez

Sandra Borg
When you hear you swear , knows its getting exciting lol
Comment from : Sandra Borg

Doinikins V
You're so beautiful!!!
Comment from : Doinikins V

Play bigger. $2.50 is nothing, play $25.00
Comment from : D JT

alexei lindes
Holy cow batman thats amazing!!
Comment from : alexei lindes

Mike Kell
1.. 2.. 333333 😂 💜
Comment from : Mike Kell

Bugaru Mitica
Sweety you are bb,and so cute!!!I am in love😍😍
Comment from : Bugaru Mitica

Alejandro Alfaro
Omg I got crush on you boo
Comment from : Alejandro Alfaro

Alexey Romanov
Comment from : Alexey Romanov

basil ervin
fuck ya slot lady
Comment from : basil ervin

Katie *HTD4LIFE*
I just found your page and LOVE your content!!
Comment from : Katie *HTD4LIFE*

WHoever invents These Machines is a nut.
Comment from : MrMotherfuck123

kelly barry
Great video. Crime fighter, who knew?
Comment from : kelly barry

I'm coming to Vegas from Australia in May. Hope to see you there!
Comment from : J C

Kathleen DiGregorio
This slot is a big improvement over the first Batman slot
Comment from : Kathleen DiGregorio

nick fury
Great win as I really struggle with that game
Comment from : nick fury

Steve Jones
I invite all you guys I see winning on here all the time to come to Oklahoma and try our tight ass Indian casinos. You'll go home broke and with your tail between your legs.
Comment from : Steve Jones

Sweet progressive wins! It’s been a while for me since all my time and money goes to my kids these days... but I have convinced my wife to let me buy a few slot machines and a poker table for our basement to relive the glory days. Check out Kilroy’s in Minneapolis, they even have a video on YouTube as well.
Comment from : refineme

Comment from : Dee

Joe white
I have some questions. Do you always go to the same casino? Do you use your players card every time, do you always start with a hundred an max bet?
Comment from : Joe white

Terrence Leonard
One quick question how old are u
Comment from : Terrence Leonard

Николай Захаров
Прикольный слотик
Comment from : Николай Захаров

EJDER TürkToprak
Nice win cong
Comment from : EJDER TürkToprak

Rhonda Chaparro
Loved this Video! Great win. I have to find this machine now lol
Comment from : Rhonda Chaparro

Comment from : BoomWin

Leroy Lavea
Sooo awesome!
Comment from : Leroy Lavea

David’s World 71512
Comment from : David’s World 71512

Comment from : worstofwhiskey

Juls c
I WANT TO PLAY !!!!!!! looks fun
Comment from : Juls c

Carlos Avila
Comment from : Carlos Avila

Is 900 credits $9 or $90?
Comment from : WICKEDLEE LOOPY

Chakara Davis
Awesome win slotlady where can I find this in Vegas on the strip wat hotel and where are u playing
Comment from : Chakara Davis

T Villcl
I love you. Keep me entertained.. 😍😍
Comment from : T Villcl

Why do you repost your videos ?

adriano jones
did u just say- com on baby dont start with me ... sounded hot
Comment from : adriano jones

Jeff Budzinski
Love how excited you get waiting for that third reel and then you throw the f bomb when you don't get it...high five!!! 😉
Comment from : Jeff Budzinski

Ivanka Trump?
Comment from : Darkside

Las Vegas Guy
This was a great day!
Comment from : Las Vegas Guy

Marinano Escalante
thank you for a nice video play nice hair too I like it.
Comment from : Marinano Escalante

Michael Escoto
Bet you'd make a great Cat Woman...lol
Comment from : Michael Escoto

Angela Eubanks
Comment from : Angela Eubanks

William Blakey
I think im in love with slot lady!! She s probably married!!
Comment from : William Blakey

Follow Me
Never seen that 1
Nice win.
Play money bears or where's the gold
They pay well

Comment from : Follow Me

Alexandru Neagu
Are you very nice i fink i love you
Comment from : Alexandru Neagu

Alexandru Neagu
Comment from : Alexandru Neagu

Love this channel.
Comment from : JOSEPH CICEU

how much dollars are 90k credits ?
Comment from : Manuel

David Bishop
I want to play
Comment from : David Bishop

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