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andy boy
The trick to get all your winnings at once you self exclude from the casino and they have to pay you out in fill whatever your balance is .
Comment from : andy boy

andy boy
All the jackpots go to the game makers to obvious. 17 million yet you can only withdraw about 2k a week.
Comment from : andy boy

it paid 24 million, but how much did it take?
Comment from : fukufish

Eric P
the sad part is that after winning a jackpot like this, you're only allowed to withdrawal 20,000 per month, or if you gamble enough to maintain a higher level in the loyalty program, you might be able to withdrawal up to 60k per month, but of course you'll probably lose that much in order to maintain that loyalty level. So just withdrawal 20k per month for the next 20 years or until the company goes bankrupt and defaults on their payments to you.
Comment from : Eric P

Tom Port
If you want to see the biggest online slot jackpots of all time you should really check this website: plus.google.com/105359146656842877456/posts/HRbAnZa1v83 . Really cool slots and awesome bonuses.
Comment from : Tom Port

Comment from : CupcakesOnlineSlots

That fourth video is not the original video, it is obviously a fake, perhaps produced by NetEnt itself. Not saying the win is fake, but the video is, as the slot does not play out like that. Also next time you make a video like this you might want to do some research. The fourth video is NOT Mega Fortune Dreams. MFD is the new MF slot, and the slot decipted in the video is just that, Mega Fortune.
Comment from : ~Dist

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